Subnautica(Original) No PP/Cull fix Mod

Modder/Author on Reddit

Excerpt Below.

Nexusmods - VR Pimax canted display UI Fix at Subnautica Nexus - Mods and community

I basically copypasted the code from the existing Subnautica: Below Zero Pimax mod with some minor tweaks, and it works perfectly for the original game.

This removes the need for Parallel Projections (no more double vision UI) and also has culling fixes. I didn’t implement the Below Zero mod’s UI scale changes.

This mod + the recent Subnautica performance update + using PimaxXR runtime with OpenCompositeXR means this game now runs a lot better than it ever did before. Although, it might still be worth holding off on a playthrough because there is a motion controls mod actively being worked on.


Thats good news,but i dont get somehow get my xbox controller too work anymore in this game(other games
work)… i did try focusing the screen

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Not sure the author is on reddit. And there is a topic on discord in flatscreen gaming mod community.

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Wait. I’ve tried that before and the PP/culling was resolved, but only in the main menu. Did you make it work in game - even with the HUD? If so that’s incredible!

Also motion controls - when you say they’ll work with them does that mean you’ll move the hands or does it use a ray-cast? Sound wonderful!

You would need to ask the op on Reddit.