Subnautica - Oculus Version

On a journey to make my favorite game work properly on the Pimax headsets I have learned that the Oculus version of the game runs correctly in the headsets with Pimax’s Oculus emulation in place. There are no game breaking shader bugs that I can observe. Unfortunately the controls are not mapped, something about launching it via Pimax makes it not work with a gamepad nor k/m.

I believe it’s because Pimax is forwarding commands via the motion controllers so that Oculus version is looking for motion controller mappings rather than gamepad. If I turn on my Vive wands and do some swipping I can somewhat navigate the menus. Can Pimax please look into this? Maybe have an option to disable forwarding motion controllers commands or something?


I have beaten the game on the UnrealStore version and although the main menu is extremely bugged, the game itself is 99% ok (the only eternally present bug is the horizon line shader bug).

Other than that is an amazing game, one of the best.

I played with the Xbox 360 controller.

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Hi Doug, I think you replied in a thread I made months ago.

The shader bug may be present in multiple forms. It is driven by the horizon and is present on my Odyssey as well. However, how it manifests on my Odyssey and on my Pimax are very different. The shading bug (different in each eye) is present on all creepvines, creatures, terrain, and in my opinion makes the game unplayable about 200m.

Launching the Oculus version is perfect in this regard, unfortunately the controls do not work and I am speculating that it could be Pitool forwarding “motion controllers” to the Oculus SDK rather than a gamepad. I believe I have played Kin and Thumper via Oculus SDK on Pimax with no problems, but something about Subnautica is broken with it.


Strange, i only have the shader bug in the horizon and in the eventual pop up object (coming out of the culling zone of the GPU), but no more than this. Did you played with PP on on the SteamVR version ?

And yes, i believe you are right in the controller forwarding commands, unfortunately it is something entirely depends of Pimax to fix it.


Pimax really needs to give an option to turn forwarding commands to motion controllers off or on which seems might fix this bug/problem.

Seems like an oversight to me that should be readily fixable via a software update?


Yeah, that would be a really handy feature to have in Pitool.

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