Struggling for reply? say 'refund'

I waited a week and a half for a reply, after sending back the headset, expecting a replacement. Knowing pimax will string along customers for months given the opportunity.

As soon as we mention full refund a reply magically appears. My recommendation is if you have an issue, just get to the point. Threaten to take their money away. They magically seem to listen and reply then.

Shocking disgrace.

get ready to pop that particular cherry. :cherries:

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Well someone asked for a tracking no. to prove I’d sent something. After giving that, nothing so far. It’s been around 6 weeks that I received a headset, and that was the wrong one. So I never technically got what I paid for. That and the controllers and lighthouses… The money put down on those could have gone to actually existing secondhand gear.

Seems unfathomable they can’t do better than they do communication wise. It’s almost as if they do it on purpose… stringing people along I mean hoping problems will go away.

Anyway chargeback yeah, it’s what I’m thinking of too if I don’t get some reply soon

Hoping I don’t have to go down the same street.
I cancelled my original order due to an unexpected financial layout but they sent it anyway.
I only briefly checked it to see if it worked in because I have no controllers or base stations but recently tried Xplane and found issues with the right screen.
I tested with different PitTool and different software and the issues persist which pretty much make the HMD unusable as the visual artefacts across the screen.
I raised a ticket a week or so a go and posted a thread here but so far have received excuses rather than support despite SweVivers best efforts.
I told them to give proper support today or tomorrow or sort out a return and refund.

I don’t get the impression they are trying to con or anything, just that they still are not organised in issues of customer support but that still makes for a very frustrating process for the customer and Pimax still really need to improve on this front - currently it is one step forward, two steps back as far as progress is concerned.

No I didn’t mean to suggest they want to con anyone. I’m sure that they do not. I probably wouldn’t have got anything at all if that was the case.

But the mess they’re in with the callbacks make it useful to draw out tickets. In my opinion. I Imagine I will be waiting at least a month or two more no matter if they get on with sending me something, or issuing me a refund, OR, just my journey going through the credit card chargeback. A lot of people have given such leeway to Pimax. Good for them. But I’m not interested in that baecause I missed the kickstarter… and expected more from them. They are selling non existant gear on their website at the moment without the proper disclaimers in my opinion, If people want to invest in something that’s fine, just make sure potential customers know what they’re getting into. . Especially TODAY when you’re expecting prototypes of the simple controllers. Who knows when the sense might show up and in turn the LH/BS.

You can’t ride on the fact you’re a startup funded by the people that wish your product to come true forever. I wish I just had the stuff I paid for, but. I’m not willing to wait indefinitely for over a grands worth of gear. I’d rather get a refund and spend it on a whole package maybe from valve index for instance, for something around a hundred pounds less than I put in to pimax. It would be a bit of a bummer that the fov goes down around 40 degrees but at the same time it’s a total package with quality hardware, and it just works. And it’s sounding more and more valid the longer I wait

EDIT:: This was a bit of a rant that hopefully someone at pimax would see. That isn’t all about negativity just frustration. Get things together in the customer communication sense before you find yourself with an unshakable name. As, nice product when it works- but don’t gamble…

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Hey guys!

During the past weeks there has been some changes in the support ticket management, including a new platform and new crew. The initial changes has led to some delays as things had to be setup right from start, but now the support tickets are being managed and taken care of faster than ever.

We are totally 7 people now working on the tickets and after sales support, and catching up every ticket and request one by one. Im sorry that many of you have been waiting for a long time, but we are now doing our best to complete all tickets and make sure no one gets left behind.

The goal is to process every single ticket within 24 hours or less, and Im sure we will get there very soon, once we have catched up on all previous/old tickets.

Calling for refunds doesnt really help, I must add. If a ticket havent been replied or resolved, its not because it has been ignored, but because its still in queue to be assigned and managed by a specific support person.

Im maybe not included in the official support team, but Im doing my best every day to speed up tickets (put them on priority), especially the ones from you Forum members, who send me direct messages about your ticket, as well as other tickets mentioned in this forum.

Thanks for your understanding and for your patience. We are making sure the support will be much faster from now on, so please dont lose your hope! :slight_smile:

This is fair enough but in my circumstance it was before my ticket.

I am sure that it IS the goal to process every ticket within 24 hours. I personally had a reply, very quickly, the problem is that after that - nothing. I was asked twice within the space of a few weeks, for a tracking number proving my headset was sent back, which I provided.

Am I to suppose that people are beavering away for weeks getting to the bottom of if I am actually deserved of a replacement headset or not - and where to send it - Or maybe that nobody gives a S**t since my money has already changed hands. I’m stuck with nothing for nearly a grands worth of gear for the last 3 weeks. It’s one thing asking backers to be patient, but there’s no disclaimers on the website stating that - there’s no actual release date for these controllers or lighthouses we are selling. And as for the premium headsets - maybe you’ll get defective products. And you might have to wait months in rma to get ones that just work. (cable issues, screen issues, cracking plastic etc)

I want to reiterate to you, I did not back this endeavour in kickstarter, therefore any leeway that may be given due to that is irrelevant in my case. And I would dispute your proclamation that nobody got their headsets before backers, I believe I was one of them, after reading the forums. But - since I have no evidence of that, and do not feel the need to try and seek it- please feel free to dismiss that as my opinion.
The customer service is not anywhere near up to what it should be. If it was I would be more lenient in my response I promise you. Pimax is just shafting themselves, the way they are treating their customers. I just can’t fathom how some are even so lenient on here in the first place.

I want what I paid nearly a grand for, now. Is that some sort of unrealistic request? In pimax terms it seems so.

I am not interested in hurting their reputation, other than speaking the truth as a customer, I personally do not want another headset just their wide fov version.

Edit: Ok, a refund is another welcome option, becaquse then I could just buy from amazon. Any problem? no problem send it back. Anyone reading this, thinking of buying pimax, get it from amazon. FFS.

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I’m going the same route unfortunately. Would rather not go far down this rabbit hole to get my XR.

It’s a bit odd that I trust a 3rd party (Amazon) to get my headset faster than the company that produces them.

I understand your frustration and your point. I guess its just down to the huge amount of tickets lately, making it difficult to follow up on time, even with a increased number of support guys. They are still catching up on many older tickets that were left behind or overlooked because of the poor management possibilities with the old Jira ticket system. This is the reason why everything takes some time. As soon as the team has catched up everything the upcoming days, things will for sure improve with fast follow-ups.

Another thing is the time zone difference. The majority of the support is located in China. the thing is, some of the tickets require 3-5 replies and confirmations from the user (especially RMA’s), and it can take everything from 12 to 24+ hours until we get a reply and another day or two until we reply, depending on the time of the day. So before everything is cleared out, and an RMA is started, it can take a week or even longer. And I understand the frustration, but its basically how support works these days.

I will give you an example about ASUS support I have been dealing with lately.
My GTX 1070 laptop completely died 11 days ago.

  1. I called ASUS, they told me to fill in a form on their website. They said once I did that form, they will come over (yes to my door) and pick up the laptop and do a RMA, then 7 days later return with a replacement or a repaired unit.

  2. I fillied in the form and nothing happened for 2 days. The third day I got an automated reply that they will send me a shipping-note that I will use to send back the laptop to them on RMA. Suddenly they dont want to come to my door and pick it up.

  3. The 4th day nothing happened.

  4. The 5th day they finally emailed me with a shipping note (or whatever its called) and told me “I MUST” send it back in the original box.

  5. As I never kept the original box, I called them again. They recommended me to make the RMA through the reseller instead (Swedish store called Webhallen) that will send it in in some box.

  6. Ok, same day, I drove 25km to Webhallen, filled in a new RMA paper and they took it in for RMA and told me they will take care of everything.

  7. Yesterday (5 days later) they call me and tell me I already have an open RMA ticket on the ASUS website, so the whole process might take 1 week longer, as ASUS first need to cancel/remove the old ticket. I said “OK no problem”.

So now, about 10 days from the time I started the RMA process on ASUS, I guess the laptop have left Webhallen and its on it’s way to ASUS. The RMA/repair process is expected to take another 10-14 business days.

If I’m lucky, I will get my laptop back (or a replacement) within a month, counting from the time I fillied in the first RMA form.

Until now, I have not heard anything from ASUS, and I dont think I will either until the repair is done.

The laptop was a 2300 USD ASUS ROG laptop. It was supposed to include door-to-door service/support. Apparently not.

This is how support works in 2019…

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