Stretch Goals for backers?

Hi there,

Have read that all stretch goals are be send!
Where can i see, if mine are too?

Thx by the Wu ^^ #6262


It’s unfortunately meant only Headsets(according to email still also 301 Backers need to update details).

Stretch goals still no real updates. Just possibilities.

  • Controllers & LHes aiming Q3
  • Upgraded Headmount aim Q4


Which headset did you receive?

5K+ and 8K. Got them here and waiting for the promissed baker contents!


I hear you there. The wait has been long. But we’ll get there.

Which headset do you prefer of the 2?

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Tested only the 5k+, yet! Wednesday i will test the 8k.
Got no Roomscale so the 5k+ lose often the middlepoint.
Will test it with Project Cars.
Should i wait for the lighthouse from Pimax or should i buy one from Vive?
Don`t need controller yet, becouse i play more sims.

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I am in the same position. No roomscale as no LHes.

Tbh the Vive v1.0 LHes can be good to have as you will be able to use both v1.0 tracking hardware & v2.0 tracking hardware. Especially if your room setup is more of a permament setup.

V2.0 LHes can only be used with V2.0 tracking. So if a vive tracking v1.0 puck is cheap you can’t use it. V2.0 LHes benefit is easier setup (good for on the run) & the ability to have larger playspaces. V1.0 LHes require seeing each other or having a sync cable.

I have been resisting buying v1.0 LHes as would still need to get controllers to be imho a real benefit. But if your a simmer that feels a strong need for 6dof you can’t really go wrong. Or try below for a cheaper solution.

I might however dig out the 360 kinect & give that a try as you can do full body tracking.

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What that means?
So you would say i should buy Vive v2.0?

The headset is capable of 3 Degrees Of Freedom(3dof). Left right up down.

With a Lighthouse or other tracking solution you get the above but also lean left & right & lean forward & backwords. (Aka 6 Degrees Of Freedom 6dof).

As for Light houses if you considering buying it depends. If your looking to have large playspace requiring more than 4 LHes then v2.0 is what you want (but would reccommend waiting till valve Releases Index in June to see what pricing is).

If your just wanting the extra tracking for sim a v1.0 LH will be sufficient & can also be used with a v1.0 Vive tracker.

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thx for the infos!
For only sims is v1.0 enough,
but if i want to play games like beat sabre a v2.0 would be better.
Did i understood it right?

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V1.0 will be good for either. Beatsaber is more of a standing game. V2.0 LH key advantage is more than 4 LHes for much bigger Room scale.

Wenn du das Geld für ein gebrauchtes Vive bundle (günstiger als die Teile einzeln, selbst mit vive hmd) hast ca. 300€ bei Ebay, hol es dir, so macht VR eigentlich erst Spaß. Es wird noch dauern bis du alles von Pimax erhält und das wird sogar bestimmt länger dauern als bisher angenommen, so aus Erfahrung mit der Firma bisher.
Ob V1 oder V2 ist eigentlich für deine aktuellen Zwecke Wurst, es sein denn, du hast einen Raum über 25m2. V1 ist allerdings im vive package günstiger. Das Bundle bekommst du Ende des Jahres für mindestens 200 wieder los, musst also gucken ob du den hunni Verlust verkraften kannst um direkt mit deinen Pimax-en loszulegen. 3dof alleine ist…fürn Arsch, es sei denn du willst nur…Filme…gucken.

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