Stressed out maybe?

This is aimed at the ones that take it personal: Relax. Try to see things in a grander scale. This is an amazing time - the baby steps of VR history, and Pi is doing everything they can right now to not f**k their part up - and we’re helping them on this journey by taking a risk and holding on to the hope that their vision becomes (virtual) reality. And we’re a part of this journey through this forum - that is amazing! Can you see that or are you just interested in getting your personal fix? If that’s the case then, yes, you did make a mistake when you backed this project. An expensive but valuable lesson if you manage to learn something from this. You should’ve waited for the consumer version instead of pestering this forum with constant whining because of your egoistic assumptions. But since you are a backer you can either try to contribute or quietly step back and let this unfold one day at a time. Whining and stressing is not a sensible option. Breath. Relax.