Stormland is out tomorrow

Stormland is out tomorrow I hope it works with the Pimax headsets . The early reviews are very positive especially the one by MRTV .


Yeah it looks great ,might wait for my 8kx :grinning:


Bugger it doesn’t work , not even with revive .

I mean we cant even play Defector propperly :confused:


A fix is out but there is visual issue. And the latest nvidia driver helps with performance.

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Yes I tried it . The game starts on the monitor but nothing shows on the headset . But I can see the headset is tracking on the monitor .

Still no fix to this game ?

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No I am hoping @PimaxUSA can ask the Pitool programming guys to make a patch so we can play it .

Fix released

Yes I have tried this patch but still no image on the headset .