Still Waiting For Handmotion

Greetings, It has been 6 months since I got my 5K+ headset. Pimax has been improved during these time and advertising new headsets and accessories etc, but still no words about the handmotion module. I cannot understand what is the current situation for the handmotion modules and in what stage they are, still under development? Getting ready for shipment? etc… I paid for a bundle (5k+ and handmotion) but only get the headset, I already aware that this is the expected thing to happen and all of the other people who had purchased this headtset+handmotion module bundle have only received the headset, and it has been told that handmotion modules will be delivered later. BUT WHEN? It has been almost 6 months actually, still no news, no updates about the subject, but Pimax is releasing new models of their headsets at the same time, It sounds and looks like they are just in need for more money and focused on selling more preorders, before fulfilling the previous backers rewards, May I ask any Official Pimax Representative to enlighten me about this hand motion issue? I am starting to get worried about the reliability of the entire project. This is such a wonderful product with a reasonable price tag, but promises slowly fading away into something disturbing, could you guys please share some real info about the current situation please? When the modules will be arrived at our hands? Thank you very much and have a wonderful day

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@PimaxUSA/@SweViver: Same here. Paid for the handmodule too when (pre-)ordering the 5K+ (or actually shortly after in a seperate purchase).

A note on that is old orders can no longer be found in the Store so people will have a hard(er) time proving a purchase like mine… Luckily for me I kinda expected this to happen so I have a screenshot from the old shop system with an order number #P122883.


Same here
I’ve added 100 (+10 shipping) during KS campaign for hand motion.

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I’m sure that receive my hand motion at the beginning of 2020… free software module… for my Oculus Quest. Nothing more. :slight_smile:

Same here I put down extra $$$ for hand motion.


Dear Pimax people, please answer us, there is an absolute silence when it comes to these hand motion modules. Just a bunch of prototype videos on youtube and thats all. We would like to know the situation of our pledges, please clarify this for us.

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I also waiting for my handmotions. Please @PimaxUSA @SweViver @Pimax-Support when can we expect this to deliver?

I still waiting for my handmotions. Any updates regarding this and release plans? When will this be delivered? @PimaxUSA @SweViver @Pimax-Support

UPDATE : I have emailed the pimax team about the issue, and they replied that it will be send around May, but I think it is just a move to buy themselves some more time…we will wait and see…

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UPDATE 2 : I cannot have any satisfactory answers to my emails regarding the handmotion module. PIMAX literally messed up with this handmotion stuff, and I lost all my hope about getting my handmotion module…Now it is obvious that we will never have that module, I lose all my faith on this company, now I ask all PIMAX officials to refund our money back to us, or refund the amount to our pimax accounts so we can buy face cushion, accessories etc with that amount. Waiting for an answer ASAP.

Have you read any of our official updates?

Leap Motion effectively went out of business and was picked up by Ultra Haptics - it’s now called Ultra Leap.

There are photos in the latest update of the tooled modules.


yeah I am well aware of the situation, and continuously following Pimax on everywhere I can, because I love my 5K+ and I am a fellow supporter/backer of previous Pimax devices too. What pisses me off, is nobody has the answer or satisfactory explanation for customers like me and the other people who also paid for handmotion modules. The company may change, yesterday it was leap motion, today its called ultra leap and owned by another company, tomorrow there will be another story etc… But I am the end user and I expect the Pimax keep their promises, or inform us periodically. things start to look like monkey business when you promise an addon module and take its money first, but then produce dozens of different headsets and do not inform anybody about the latest status of hand motion module. “still in development” is not a valid excuse anymore, you can/should refund that amount to the buyers, or give that amount to them as a shopping credit, so we will buy another “currently existing” stuff…

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A brief Hand tracking module status (which I ordered too during Kickstarter campaign) was actually posted on the forum in an update.

Scroll down to item 6 after the page loads after clicking the link below:

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It doesn’t say backer on your forum profile.

What Pimax product did you back on Kickstarter?

Hello Frath - once Ultra Leap was back operating we’ve updated the status of that project 7 times. We’ve included production schedules and even photos. We’ll continue to do so.


i am not a backer on kickstarter, not for pimax, unfortunately when i first heard about pimax, the kickstarter period was finished and i bought my headsets from pimax site and banggood, i have two headsets which are 4K and 5K+, and i am one of the first ones that buy 5K+ from their website, if I am not mistaken. I also promoted pimax around my friends and two of them bought 4K too…just saying to clarify

As an owner of the original module (back then for the Rift DK2) I can tell you. Even if you get the module - what for? There is basically almost no software actually supporting it.
Lets hope this changes but the few Pimax headsets alone would not change that and since most pimax owners have no hand motion module it gets worse.

Don’t get me wrong. It is an interesting technology but until we see the big players use it there wont be support.

Flight sims could be an interesting usage if the game manufacturer integrated it officially like this game does.

Sweviver produced an interesting and comprehensively detailed video, 20 months ago (not using the new design hand tracking module) testing the system out on a flight sim called FlyInside with a Pimax 5K+ headset.

Fast forward below to 4:35 elapsed to see the virtual ‘hands’ in the cockpit of the aircraft.


Flight sims are what I’m most excited for, hopefully I can get handtracking to pair up with a hotas too. Being able to flip switches with my hands and control the plane with an actual yoke/joystick will be the peak of immersion for flight sim enthusiasts. (Barring a full motion sim)