SteamVR tracking is still too slow for Eleven Tennis

When I play Tennis with Index controller and SteamVR 2.0, tracking is enough for a soft slow game, but fails miserably on fast aggressive attacks.
Hardware: 8KX @ 90Hz, FOV Normal, Ryzen 5950x, RTX 3090 OC, Index controllers, 3 base stations. There is plenty of free CPU/GPU resources, GPU load is usually 70-80%.
I play with the “paddle” Index controller in the right hand. When I hit on the left, i.e. Backhand Drive, usually I hit the ball and table ok, I would say it is close to real life experience. But when I hit faster from the right, i.e. Forehand Drive, usually I miss the ball. I’m not even talking about top-spin, but usual relatively slow drive move. I guess the difference is that on the left the paddle moves more towards the table and on the right it is more vertical, i.e. the ball has to meet the paddle at certain point in time or it misses the paddle.
I’ve started with 2 base stations 2.0, which Pimax sent in 2020 bundled with controllers and then tried to improve the tracking by adding one more brand new SteamVR 2.0 base station. It did improve a bit, but I still miss Forehand Drive most of the time. Or I have to avoid any attacks from the right and play slowly.
I’ve heard it was even worse some years ago, but it is still not good for me atm.
I know that SteamVR stations are tracking at 120-200Hz interleaved (whatever that means). And then there is IMU. Is there a way to tune it in software or hardware? Is there a way to improve tracking speed and/or precision? May be buying a separate bluetooth dongle will help, so that it goes directly to PC without getting through the HMD USB hub? Or buying new Tundra Trackers with bundled dongle? What is the scan speed of those trackers?

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In SteamVR (but also in the other tracking systems) fast movements are not tracked using external devices (Lighthouse or cameras), but using the internal ones, the inertial measurement unit, or IMU, inside the controllers, which operates at 1000Hz, but that may not be optimal for really too aggressive movements. Different controllers (e.g., Vive Wands or Vive Trakers) may have (or may not) different behaviors.


It could actually be losing sight of the lighthouse signal at that point. How high are your lighthouses positioned?


I have a play area of 2.1x2.1 meters, 3 base stations are hanging at 3 corners at 2 meters high a bit wider than the play area. All pointed to the center. So the “paddle” always sees at least 2 stations. I’ve tried to rotate the “table” and play in different directions, but there is no difference.

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