SteamVR is very strange

Does anyone know the problem when SteamVR seems to run badly for no reason?

I have reinstalled my pc. Everything is going great, and on another day things are going very badly.

all games shake and no longer run smoothly.

I didn’t adjust anything either!

At some point the problem just goes away and we don’t know why.

I can not explain it.

Resolution is the same, steamVR Config is also as always.

sometimes it comes and sometimes it goes

it is very strange.


I sometimes get inconsistent performance as well, so I’ll be reading any replies with interest.

Are you launching games from within SteamVR, within PiTool, or within Pimax Experience?

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Do you see anything suspicious in SteamVR web console?

Are you opted into steavr beta updates? beta version seems to randomly update with sometimes breaking changes.

(Note Valve does not test on Pimax before pushing out updates)

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Prior to SteamVR being launched, verify there are no PiTool phantom OVR_Launchers still running and verify that there is nothing that failed to exit properly.

I did that of course. restart pc etc … everything does not help.

no matter what I do.

I’m starting a game with Pitool or Experience. when I quit the game and Steamhome is loaded, the graphics are extremely jerky. The whole steamVR home causes graphic problems.

but only when i finish a game.

it obviously seems to be a bug.

I guess it’s the SteamVR.

something causes errors.

Do You have RGB software installed like ASUS Aura?

That’s known to mess up the tracking.

No I have not.

it’s not a tracking problem.
FPS is missing.

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Did You maybe set Supersampling for SteamVR Home to high?

You know the “per application” setting in SteamVR?

No I have not.
I’ve been using Pimax since the 5k Plus. so since the beginning. the problem is not new either.

very soon everything will be working as it was before.
Although I won’t change anything.

and then it works again without any problems … for weeks!

the problem comes and it goes. like a ghost.

have been watching it for 2 years.

That’s very strange indeed… :woozy_face:

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Is steamvr home something you want to use? I have disabled all the “headset home” applications since they started releasing them. Right click steamvr go into settings and disable the home apps and any overlay stuff you dont use or care about. Do the same in pitool.


The old Pimax Home is useless, but Pimax Experience (it replaces Pimax Home) is actually really cool… :wink:

The only thing i want to use in the new pimax experience is the IPD adjustment tool thing and its not available yet :frowning:

It would seem that insuring users can correctly setup the ipd stuff would trump ui design. But maybe the majority of users dont have issues with the ipd. But how would they know if they dont have a tool that collects that data… or clear instructions written (BY THE COMPANY) about how to configure this stuff… Anyway… rant off

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I suspect it may be the issue I reported in these comments.

My guess is that either:

  • Your PE settings aren’t good for SteamVR Home (listed as SteamVR in PE profiles)
  • When you quit the game it loads into SteamVR Home (as expected) but keeps the settings you had for the game. If the settings are too high, then SteamVR Home freaks out.

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