SteamVR dongle for Pimax 8KX help

Hi guys;

I am a total amateur it seems. I purchased two dongles like this: SteamVR™ USB Wireless Receiver Dongle for Valve Index™ Controllers and HTC Vive™ Tracker – VRDongles

Is this just plug and play and they should track my knuckles automatically or do I need to set them up somehow?
My tracking is still not good when they are plugged in. Get occasional drift from the left controller only and I read that buying a couple of dongles would solve it.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t need any dongles, afaik the drifting was only on older 5K+ units but I could be wrong.

Is this your first experience with lighthouse tracking or did you have another headset like a vive/index that worked fine? If it’s your first then there might be something else wrong. Like a reflective surface in your room (like a mirror) that is effecting the LH tracking. Although if it’s the left controller only then that would imply a different issue.

Could you try only connecting the left controller and see if it still happens? Just to make sure it’s a connection bandwidth issue or such and not a defective controller.

Also, just to confirm, did you pair the controllers to the dongles? (You should only need to pair them to a single dongle). If not then they will still be paired to the headset rather than the dongle.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

This is my first experience yes. It’s only on the left controller. I can try what you suggested later on today and thanks for the tip!

I paired the controllers in pitool and they automatically showed up in steamvr. Nothing happened when I plugged in the dongles in USB 2.0. That’s why I thought I am missing a step?

I haven’t done it myself but I’m pretty certain you’ll need to pair the controllers to the dongles to see any benefit. I guess just unplug the headset and then go through the pairing process again, that way they’ll need to be paired to the dongles rather than the headset and then you should be good to go. Let me know how you get on!


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I managed to pair them, yes. One for each controller. So when i pull one dongle out, one controller disconnects.

However, I still have occasional drifting and even now on the right one :expressionless:
Maybe there is something reflecting them in my room but I just can’t see it…

This sucks and I think it is my headset at this point. Too many variables to start with. Is it the headset firmware?
I installed a new version of Windows 10, too. Turns out it won’t recognize my DP on Pitool versions later than 2.75.

I love Pimax but my God does it require extensive tweaking and troubleshooting to the point you almost feel like a technician :joy:

Silly me will still want to get the 12K!

If it’s happening with the dongle then the headset wouldn’t be involved afaik, so that would rule out the headset. Sorry don’t have time to go into it more right now but hopefully someone else can help, otherwise I’ll be back later. Maybe change basestation placement? Try covering your monitors (I have a lot of friends that need to do that, one of the joys of LH tracking). Does the drifting happen when you’re facing one particular direction?

Also, are they 1.0 or 2.0 base stations? If 1.0, make sure to set 1 to channel B and the other to channel C.

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Thanks again for the great suggestions :slight_smile:

I have tried to change the placements as well and recalibrated everything without success. Haven’t tried to cover my monitor but I will give it a try later.

Not sure of when the drifting kicks in what position I am in but I will keep that in mind.

I have the base stations 1.0 and they are set to b and c :slight_smile:

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I had drifting of 1 (left) controller in gaming, so I got 1 dongle to solve this. I set left controller over dongle, and right as usual, over hmd 8kx. It is still drifting, it didn’t help, or maybe it helped but just a little.
I also havve 1.0 stations, 2075 (older) 8kx and index controllers.
But I play anyway.

Ps; never stop moving left hand, and you will not lose tracking, in my experience.

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Damn. That is sad reading. I have the same exact problem. One dongle connected to left and the other to the headset and it is still horrible :cry:

To top that off i installed a fresh windows 11 installation and now I can’t install pitool later than 2.75!

The latest pitool client works though…

Seems like I can’t fix this no matter what I do;

-Tried placing the base stations on multiple different heights without luck. They are now positioned 2 meters above the ground with a 45 degree angled facing down.

  • Tried with one Watchman dongle on the left controller and on the right controller. No difference. Tried with both connected to each no difference. Even tried without the dongles and I still lose tracking occasionally and it breaks immersion.

Any last resort ideas? I might contact Pimax support :slight_smile:

You should contact support, they should help you.

But also try to have stations 1.0 at least 2m away from hmd and controllers. If they are two, set one “b” and another “c”. The best is to connect them to wall with screws. They should never move, not a bit. After start, they must find one another, and then they booth should have small green light on top.

Set pitool not to start with windows. When starting pitool, take hmd in visible space, and turn it left right left right… until lock (Lock is easier with visible controllers). That is called pimax dance. Then start your game.

Do not leave your hmd more then 1min without any moving, as it can go bad tracking.
If somebody ring your door bell, and you have to land some eggs to somebody, after 2-3 min you will have bad tracking, and it is the best to restart whole pc.

When you’re done with playing, turn off (steamvr optional) pitool, and then leave hmd.

For new session, just turn on pitool again.

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Okay. A little update guys:

It turns out there is a reflection somewhere. I was facing the monitor and the problems started. When i was facing the window (to the right of the monitor) they are non present.

I managed to upgrade my motherboard thinking it was usb bandwidth issues. Well, at least I broke nearly 30k on timespy so that was nice :smiley:

Thanks for all the replies. Appreciate it! :blush:

Yeah, reflections are a nightmare with LH tracking lol. For all the people that defend it so strongly…Ah…I dunno…it’s honestly way more prone to problems than Quest tracking ever has been for me personally.

Glad you got it sorted! Enjoy!!

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My gaming area doubles as a home theater so blackout curtains are in play and reflections are illegal. :smiley:

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