SteamVR 2.0 Base Stations Bluetooth and Sleep/Standby Mode - Anyone figured this out yet? [Solved]

Hi Guys!

Has anyone figured out how to make the vive/steamVR 2.0 base stations go to sleep and for the bluetooth to work with the pimax 5k+?

They stay on forever as it always has, unless i have a valve index or Vive connected which can connect via bluetooth. Pimax doesnt seem to have a bluetooth signal with the base stations and therefore can’t tell steamVR to put the base stations to sleep.


I use the Renasas GATTBrowser App as proposed by a forum member.
Its a bit nerdy, but I like it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
You need to find the LHs then a specific entry and write 0x00 - >off or 0x01 - >on.
There is also a tool in work by another forum member that works on the pc.


I found it for iPhone. So basically you shut them off from your phone each time?

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Also do you have a link to the PC Tool thats in the works?

I just tried it… it blinks white and goes back to green.

I am not at my pc room so I don’t have them here, but basically I turn them in standby with the 0x00, then the led turns blue and the motor stops. 0x01 turns them on, led flashes, turns green and motor spins up

It just worked for me. Weird it didnt work at first but it all worked now.

They dont automatically turn on with SteamVR though, right? I still have to use 0x01?

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Yes it’s totally manually… With the pc software it could at least be powered on and off with windows… I will look for the link later

This is an amazing tool. Thank you very much i wasnt aware someone found a way to do it finally.


We had a thread about it a while ago, I knew about the programming going on in the community but the app is a great workaround. I am also happy since I find the LH quite noise to keep running all the time.

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The thread about LHs power management over BTLE is here: