Steam VR will auto-scale VR resolution

Positive or negative effect on Pimax 8k?

The auto-resolution scaling system, as described in a Steam Community announcement today, measures “how many ‘VR megapixels per second’ we believe your GPU is safely capable of for the majority of applications available.” That number is then used to calculate the appropriate native resolution for the VR app being run, regardless of the display resolution of the attached VR headset.

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Actually after looking at this its kind of dumb. It automatically sets the Super sampling slider on start based on GPU. It has no dynamic ability to change things on the fly. They make it sound much more complicated or helpful than it is. That’s all it does it changes the SS slider to a preset value on VR launch. You of course can override its choice.


Agree , this feature is good for beginners or bussines market, not for hardcore Vr users.