Steam VR flickering

I am on the latest Pitool (3.24) and firmware(255) with a .203 5K+. When I load the SteamVR beta, it flickers in the menus pretty bad. Seems better in games. Went back to the release SteamVR and the flickering is gone. Rock solid. But that version crashes a lot.
Anybody else seeing this?

Yes happens like 33% off the time for me but when you get in game its fine, know some switch out from beta to get ride off the problem.

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Yes, there is a strong flickering /strobing in SteamVR beta. Since last weeks update it is much worst; now flickering is constant even if you don’t load anything, just disable steamvr home, and you will be in flickering vr grid. Even worse, most often there is a picture for one eye only, and another screen is blank.
If you start steamvr dashboard, it is the same, one eye blank and another with flickering.
It is worse and worse with steamvr last several months, and all started in steamvr beta, and that became steamvr official version. Then just loading was with flickering, but now the vr grid and dashboard also.
I made many requests for steam to resolve this problem, but generaly they avoid responsibility, and say that game studio should resolve this for game, or that my windows/base stations/vr controllers etc. are not up to date, and they will not discuss that issue any further. Even when I did all updates, they again said that I should contact game studious, even if that problem persist in steamvr also without any game.
PS: Yesterday I tried Alyx half life, and loadings there are really bad also.

I tried the steamvr beta yesterday and had the same flickering, went back to the stable release and it works as it should, no crashing for me.

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I had that one eye issue last night. I don’t use SteamVR home and it seems fine in game but overlays, like fpsVR, have the same kind of issue flickering issue. I wonder if messing with the GPU catalysts slider would help. I will mess with that later. Unfortunately, I do Steamvr release does crash for me pretty often. I get dumped out of VR and there is a message about Steamvr having a problem and having to restart.
Thanks to everyone who responded. At least I know it is not my setup.

I have the same issue. steamvr overlay flickering and only showing in the right eye. I’m also currently unable to load Half Life Alyx, it is only loading in one eye with flickering also, and then it kicks me back to steamVR home, which works fine (smooth & both eyes).

Keen for a fix for this ASAP!

Have you tried this.

Special edition
Made for half life alyx

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I have the same problem. Steam VR flickering and only getting a picture in one eye. I have to restart my computer with the headset on (the headset is usually off when my PC starts) to fix the problem.

I didn’t know what was causing the problem so I have been silent and enduring. Glad to see this thread.

I found that switching back to the release version of SteamVR (rather than the beta) fixed the problem for me. However, the release version crashes for me. Some in the thread say it works fine for them.

Ill try again.

Special edition

  1. Add one-click startup module for Half-life: Alyx,users can choose there commended settings to
    launch the game according to their graphicscard performance.

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(FYI: Yesterday’s SteamVR beta listed fixing overlay flickering for Pimax headsets, as its sole patch note.)


as jojon said, Steamvr was updated again, and the flickering with overlays (and one blank screen) is gone.
I was surprised to see in update log something like “Pimax flickering problem resolved.”

:slight_smile: nice one Steam!


Yep, but now my Steamvr is crashing again. :roll_eyes:

What is the downside of using the SteamVR stable release vs the Beta?

This is probably outdated? SteamVR - Steam News Hub
At least no Pimax fixes are mentioned there - and no beta release newer than stable.

I am not sure there would be any great disadvantage to using the release version. After all, we all know that betas often come with their share of bugs and issues. However, many of us use the betas to try to keep up on the latest improvements, understanding that we may have a less dependable version. I have had some issues with the release version I hoped the beta might clear up. Sometimes that works out. Sometimes, like with the flickering issue, that causes issues.
Choose your poison!

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Several months ago Steamvr beta got flickering while loading in games. People just ignored that and opt out of beta. But that beta became stable version in next release. Nobody told them there is a big problem in it, and now we all have flickering. I do not know with which version that came, unfortunately. And they do not fix that…
That is why I decided to stay with steamvr beta, and scream about everything what destroys our gameplay.

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