Steam VR crashes when Vive Wands and Controller used together

Yesterday everything was fine, today I’m keep getting an Message when starting Steam VR, “ecountered a critical error”. Does anyone have a Idea?

Seem to be related with Controller combining with Vive Wands. Can’t start Steam VR when all three are on, and also can’t turn them on when it is running. I have to decide before. That is really strange.

Also, can’t properly super sample vanishing of ethan carter.

Changed the title. Am I the only one who is experiencing crashes when combining Controller and Vive Wands? If I keep the Controller off, I can start Steam VR normally with both Controllers. If I keep the Vive Wands off, I can start Steam VR with the controller. Any type of mixing results in an crash (HMD detected over USB). I’m using the newest beta, but it also occurs with the latest stable release of Steam VR.

So far i disabled Energy Saving on all USB Controllers etc.

the way you describe the problem did not happen for me. i use a no name PS3 controller with a driver downloaded from the internet.

what controller do you use?
whats your PItool version?
do you use SteamVR or SteamVR beta?

@Zebaoth use a Xbox one Controller, PiTool 109 and SteamVR beta, but it also happens with the stable release. Maybe it’s related to the Xbox one Controller? I can try a Steam Controller this evening