Steam VR crash at Wide FOV + PP

Steam VR has always crashed on me in Wide FOV with PP on (EDIT: This may not be completely accurate; it is likely I only tried it in a few titles, and those titles did not work. Other titles DO work.) Never really mattered as there was no way to run anything at those resolutions. With the 4090 I’m seeing enough performance that some titles might be playable that way. It seems like this might be a resolution bugaboo, as if I turn the PiTool quality to .75 it will work. Doesn’t seem to be an issue with simply over-taxing the GPU to the point where SteamVR fails, but I’m not totally sure. There is plenty of headroom at Normal FOV + PP, so the insta-crash seems unwarranted; I would expect it to at least launch, even if it performed poorly.

Anyone else see this? Solutions?

HI :
Is it crashed like this?
looks like Steam VR setup process is missing or cannot be started due to errors.

You may first try to restart SteamVR from Pitool after unlock the Pimax

If it doesn’t resolve the issue, we suggest you to log a ticket at our helpdesk.
Our technician is ready to provide assistance to you.


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Thanks! But no, it’s not an error like that one. Most commonly the title I’m trying to launch will run but provide no display to the HMD. For purposes of troubleshooting I’m going to try 60hz + forced 1/2 refresh when I remember to do so, just to be sure it’s not a “totally overwhelmed GPU” issue (I don’t think so.) If I revert to Normal FOV or drop the total resolution things start to work. But when this bug presents I don’t even get a game that plays poorly, I simply get the grid-lines, the game running, but the bit where the game actually makes it to my HMD is broken.

That’s unnormal, have you submit a ticket and provide some screenshots/ logs of errors?
If you do, please kindly provide me in PM.So that i can Check it with team

Sincerely Esther

OK, after testing I’ve found that this is not universal. My current guess is that some titles may have a maximum resolution they can push before the game engine simply gives up and refuses to produce an image. I can run Dirt Rally 2 and a few other titles in Wide FOV with PP ON, even if I push the resolution far enough to bring my 4090 to it’s knees and stutter unusably. But I’ll still get a display on my HMD. Other titles will simply not produce an image on my HMD, even when the GPU is not pushed as far.

I believe SteamVR has a maximum resolution of either 4096 vertical or 8192 horizontal. Historically you had to change a steam file to get around it. vrsettings.json if I remember right, but can’t find it at the moment. Will try to hunt for it again.

@mr_spongeworthy In the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\resources\settings\default.vrsettings there’s a maxRecommendedResolution value that i think should be changed to 16384 (it defaults to 8000 something). When I reinstall SteamVR I often have to change the value to 16384 or the image is lower res than I set it in PiTool.

(from reading around, you may also find the maxRecommendedResolution value to change in the file steamvr.settings). Open a cmd prompt and enter this (including the " " to find where the file is) :
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\bin\win64\vrpathreg.exe”

Nice save Tykey!

OK, I’ll look at the files again, but wasn’t this issue resolved in Steam VR years ago now? I haven’t had to play with that setting in a long, long time and my titles seem to run at the resolutions I specify (except for the aforementioned issue.) Dirt Rally 2 is running at over 10K horizontal pixels, for example (at 60fps).
EDIT: Thanks, but the default now appears to be 16384, which is far more than I think anyone could push regardless of GPU or title. I arbitrarily doubled it to 32768 and it made no difference.

My file was still defaulted to the 8xxx number.

Some games report resolution per eye, and some report resolution for booth eyes together. I figured that while playing with high ss and Fholgers FSR, and checking game resolution in FSR log.
I.e. same settings for 2 games, same resolution, and 1st game shows in log upscale to 5000x4000, and 2nd game shows 10000x4000. That second game can not even start if SteamVR setting has MaximumRecommendedResolution = 8192, and first game can play.

For those looking to see how many pixels are actually being pushed, you can try FPS VR, which attempts to calculate this accurately (and seems to work well).
My symptom remains the same at this point; let’s choose Skyrim as an example - it will load and run, it’s only the part where the image is supposed to get to the HMD that gets broken (the default grid remains). It has sound, responds to controller clicks, but produces zero image on the HMD. A number of other titles do the same. On the other hand, I have titles that will run just fine. At this point my original theory that this is a Steam VR bug looks to be incorrect; it may be game-engine specific.

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