Steam resolution per eye

Hello all.

Just got my 8kx and coming from a reverb g2 but mainly upgraded for the higher fov on the pimax but I have some questions.
What’s the right resolution because I get 8000x4000 per eye in steam at 100% which seems kind of too high, running 170 fov and render scale at 1 in pitool.
Also I thought the 8KX can run 200 fov but I can only get to 170 fov max and than 150 / 120 etc. Did I miss something.

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Yeah you fell for marketing, the 170 is the correct measurement. 200 is combined vertical and horizontal.
Also about the resolution, seems like you have parallel projection enabled, that renders the image using a non-native projection of parallel viewpoints onto the canted displays.

Steam resolution should be around 3000 per eye. Too high, it will not even load up the game.


Pimax FoV marketing is 200 diagonal. Legit is 160 wide Large, 140 Wide Normal, 120 wide Small and 100 wide potato.

As comfirmed by @risa2000’s hmdq tool and database on headsets.

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As others mentioned your 200 FOV is diagonal, however the Pimax on Wide does offer a very wide FOV; on Wide they very nearly fill your peripheral vision, so it’s pretty good (better than any other HMD I have tried and I believe it’s still better than other consumer-grade HMD). I wish all the HMD manufacturers used the diagonal measurement, as that seems to make the most sense overall; giving you a total field of view measurement rather than just along one axis.

Anyway, you can play with each game’s SS in steam until you find the sweet spot for the title. Obviously the more pixels you can drive the better your results (especially in terms of sharpness), but every title varies so much in terms of performance that there is realistically no way to predict what you’ll be able to use as your resolution.


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