Steam Override world scale setting?

I hope this is the right place for my querry, which is, what are the best world scale settings for IL 2 with the Pimax 8kx? Are there any IL 2 Pilots out there with a really good setting suggestions? Thank you very much for any and all input…take care all…Eddie.


I don’t play it myself. But maybe using in game gages could work with referencing to a real life gage maybe?

I play it with 8kx, default world scale. I have no problems, cockpit looks right size for me.

You have in game ipd adjustment, you may try this first.
On end, if you think that size of cockpit is too big or small, just adopt it as you need.

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I tried it at 90% and 110% and didn’t see any real difference. I guess I’ll just leave that setting alone. Thanks all…take care…Eddie.


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