Status on Backlight adjustment for 8KX?

Is there any progress by Pimax for adding backlight adjustment support for the 8KX so that the panels can be made brighter? @Alex.liu @PimaxUSA @Sweviver


We need 60Hz refresh even more urgently.

I disagree. I’m getting tired of the dull brightness of the X vs the Index or Quest 2… 60Hz refresh is not for the majority of users.


funny i’m aiming to lower the back light for better blacks.

Frankly, I have no doubt the Pimax team is working hard on both firmware features.

Noooo, 85 on Normal FOV! :rofl:

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A few days ago, I tried some PavlovVR again at varying refresh rates from 72Hz to whatever the maximum is (IIRC 120Hz or more). I was holding the top of the scoreboards at both refresh rates. And this time, I saw even less of a difference.

Resolution matters a lot more to me than refresh rate, even at roomscale where both are more of a luxury.

Even with better GPUs, we won’t be able to crank up the resolution without lowering refresh rate…

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I will 85 for dcs. I hate the stutter comic if i look left or right :wink:

Without Smart Smoothing?

I don’t really see any stutter at 60Hz. I do see Smart Smoothing artifacts, and when my CPU/GPU - literally the best money can buy no less - can’t even keep up with 30Hz, I am basically out of luck.

… Didn’t You have a 2080 Ti and a 9900K…? :face_with_monocle:


I have a firmware for the 8kx,so the backlight adjustment works…


@NextGenVR i send you a private message


just remember, his CPU came with a spreadsheet with instructions on how to OC it, and that was literally the most money you could spend… no less :laughing:
That CPU is beaten in single core performance a few times since.

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Without smartsmoothing, yes. Up in the air, i have no Problem to reach 75 and more FPS. Upscaled in the 8k+ with same SS Resolution i had 82-90 FPS@90Hz in Gulf and Caucasian Map. But ok, i use CPU friendly Settings. Syria and the Channel is a other world. To much objects for this CPU- Generations.

I’m using it as well - combined with Pitool beta 2.086. With the back lighting on 100% and a 1 point increase in red contrast I’m finding it a vast improvement. I’m surprised others aren’t talking about it yet - how are you finding it?


We’re talking about it here (it’s awesome):
Probably need a new thread.


Not sure… The adjustment does work; Going down from the default 60%, things begin to dim immediately, but going up, I can barely tell a difference, even all the way at 100%… Maybe my particular eyes need an actual intensity boost, and not just a larger time slice - I don’t know…

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OK, maybe not ‘vast’ improvement (so you don’t start thinking that your headset is different than mine) but the improvement gets it to a point where the brightness is not an issue anymore for me (it was before). And I’m sure the colour saturation has improved especially in applications (for some reason not so much in Steam Home for some reason). I haven’t tried it next to my OG Vive yet which I expect will be brighter but I now look around and think this totally fine.

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