Status of Github OpenMAR/PiTool?

I’m wondering what the status of the Open Source PiTool is? It doesn’t seem to have been updated since it was made available and there has only been one commit with grammar and spelling fixes. That last update is two months old, and we have a new beta (197) since that time.

I was really hoping that PiMax would commit to open-sourcing PiTool and take advantage of community support to improve the software. I’d like to dig in, but I won’t do that if I know I’m working with something that is out-of-date and PiMax is basically making the repository an orphan. Ideally, they would tag and release through github for both beta and supported releases.


Yeah I was hoping to dig in and create a .net Core version with web based ui. Maybe electron or CEF.

but the source looks incomplete.

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One of the deep pimax secrets …

@PimaxQuorra when can we expect the Open source version of Pitool to be updated with latest source code?

Hello Mantidtings,

We are not sure we are capable to do the OpenSource version of Pitool. But we will forward to the team, let them make the decide whether they want to release this version.
We knew it would be great if the OpenSource version is released,as user can help to find out some bugs/problems.


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Any news about the open source?
@PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA