Status of backer rewards 5k+?

Haven’t checked in a good while. So I’d like to know where various things stand in terms of backer rewards. I was an original backer. The only reward I know about and have “recieved” is a $100 discount code for the eye tracker which is out of stock so I can’t order it. Have they said anything about availability going forward?

Extra Cushions: didn’t receive these, any word?

Modular Audio Strap: This seems to be out? Are we still getting these?

Perscription adapater and fan: Any updates on these?

Wireless: Guessing this is still in the works, tech on this may be a decent ways out still.

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Latest update is here:

People will surely full You in on the rest… :wink:


Unless it has changed. Recheck your backer portal. You should be able to at least get in Backer que now with purchase.

Backer Box is said to start Shipping 2nd week of August.

  • Comfort kit with 2 peices of foam a thick n thin. (Replaces extra Facefoam and cooling fans)
  • Silicon sleeve
  • Lighthouses if Ordered.
  • Wireleas Coupon
  • KDMAS (MAS with on Ear Speakers)
  • You should have received 2 pieces of Content (3rd eliminated)
  • Wireless Coupon (likely just emailed later)

Pimax Controllers said to come much later possibly/likely sometime early 2021. Can request refund of what was paid ie full package $150 :us:(75 ea) or $100 :us: if added on separately.

Beware issue with refunds lately being short due to undisclosed fees not advertised.


is the special backer website up yet where we can see exactly what we have coming?

I dont even know what is owed to me at this point, because i can’t recall if giving up the stretch goals to “upgrade” to the 8kX means I still expect a comfort kit and KDMAS for my 5k+ ,also should I expect a silicone cover I thought we were getting those, as my 5k+ seems to be crumbling

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Where can I find my link to my backer portal? Was it in a Kickstarter update or emailed directly to me? I recieved the game/content codes already a few weeks ago

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It seems to be here:
Backer Portal -


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I just see a bunch of upgrade options. I saw mention of a Stretch Goal Tracking system? Seems they are actually giving us a nicer bundle in some ways with the deluxe audio strap and such. But I can’t find where to check if I’m included in the box set (I should be as I didn’t opt out). Or where to see where to submit an order.


It’s “hidden”.
Click the little man icon, then log in and click “Sales Orders”.


What is actually surposed to be listed there? I mean mine just shows the two pieces of content, 8kx loaner plan and eye-tracker discount. no real details about stretch goal package, kdmas or anything.

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The backer section is being turned into the full backer tracking page. The other items will also appear in there as each system is completed.


that’s what i thought, was just wondering if i was missing something when it was pointed out as the answer to Aztechnology’s question and my list looked a little anemic for that.

Mine is just my 5+ and backer number basically like KS_XXXX. Is there supposed to be something else there? It says after sale:
Two Content
Eye-Tracking discount for backer


It sounds like you are good. Otherwise, you’d see something like “Opt Out of All Your Stretch Goals”.

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Will the new system actually show my Kickstarter order? Because the support people don’t seem to have any clue how to fix it. They simply ignored the underlying issue and sent me an eye tracking discount code.


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When you say kickstarter order do you mean backer rewards? If so those should also be reflected within your account in August.

I mean I have seen several posts indicating every Kickstarter backer should have a reference to their original Kickstarter order on the backer store, which is where all the coupon codes and stuff were supposed to be located. Support has never managed to fix this issue for me, so when it comes time for backer rewards to be sent out is this going to result in yet another setback wherein I need to contact support and continue trying to get them to understand the problem?

Do you have a ticket on the issue? If so I can flag it and explain further.

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Ticket number is #4341. Originally I opened it trying to get the order info fixed, however after the initial response from support the ticket devolved into just trying to get the discount codes directly since I didn’t want to deal with support and it seemed like a much more straightforward request.

Thanks for looking into this.

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Yea, ok that’s good to know. Thanks. I just wasn’t sure if there was something I needed to do to ensure I’d registered to receive the box or anything like that. I missed that we had received the eye tracking codes so now those are completely sold out and I’m a little worried I won’t get the chance to use my code before it expires due to stock. So didn’t want to miss anything else.

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