Starvr one mura update!

I had the opportunity to meet with members of StarVR personally. At first I was mainly testing different face foams to help different faces and IPD’s. They have quite several sizes and they all provide difference on the image.

The thinnest really allows to get closer to the display and not see the peripheral borders. You can still make out the lower border by the nose and cheeks. But great. This is more for the higher IPD’s I suppose. For me the thicker foam did improve the sharpness of the image. Although not perfect due to my low IPD, made quite an improvement.


I tested their StarVR headset and notice “NO” Mura at all. Even on the StarVR home where I could see Mura, I could not see it on their unit, this made quite a difference. No longer I saw the static mesh when you move your head. Sure my eyes do not fit the perfect lens sweet spot but… this made quite better experience.

I had them test my ’ StarVR One’ unit and they were surprise to notice the Mura. They don’t know why i was seeing it. They were kind to offer lending me their unit, but I rather they send me a working one. They took my unit to study the matter and then return it back to me.

Moral of the story, if you purchased a StarVR One and did suffer from Mura even after with the display optimization, then is not that the unit is that way. Clearly something is not working correctly when deploying the Mura files via Compass. I suggest that you contact them and let them know if there is a fix for the Mura problem. It seem this could be a software issue and will likely solve it soon.

I will update you later on the matter.


Thank you for sharing and look forward to the follow-up progress.


That’s good news! Does using the thinnest face foam make only the vertical borders disappear or also the horizontal borders?

You should measure the FOV using the ROV hmd test tool with the thinnest foam:

Maybe it will be closer to their advertised 210 degrees.


The thinnest, the FOV is best, on the regular foam i could see bars on the side. But on the new foam, I barely notice them, also at the top boarder, it was not visible. Only on the bottom. With the Thickest, I got the sharpest image, but did bring some border. But still very wide, better than Pimax

PS. StarVR has my unit at the moment so I cant test it yet


But you could test it on the loaner unit, can’t you?


I did not accept the loaner. I will be quite busy the next month to be doing any sort of testing. They will send me the unit back soon.


Hopefully they can patch it… you did an amazing job.

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interesting a software fix for mura? i always thought the mura that I see on the 8kx was inherent to the display where some pixels are slightly dimmer than others.

Its odd though because first day i got the X i could see the dirty effect on white easily. Then a week later after not using it and updating from pitool 261 to the latest version everything looked stunning and the mura was gone.

then i downgraded back to 261 so i could play Asgards and the mura was back.

then i updated back to latest again and the mura is still there. so random.

i guess if you knew exactly which pixels were dim you could artificially equalize the image.

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My Mura problem could not be fixed via software. we thought it was possible to fix and we tried various things. ultimately my unit was replaced.

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Is the mura fixed in the replacement unit?

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At least mine was. If you bough one officially, ask if you can ship your unit for a check up.


No, unfortunately I don’t have one. Just very curious with your experience since this headset is financially out of many people’s reach. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems like with the Mura fixed, this should be an extremely optically impressive headset due to lack of distortion, clarity across the lens, RGB OLED, and very high FOV. Hopefully Pimax can have similar success with a more consumer friendly product in the near future.

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I have written before the limitations with the clarity. Requires a single lens per eye solutions or better stacked lenses. It is very good dont get me wrong, but there are limits to it.


Can you scale StarVR one & Vive Pro in terms of SDE size & clarity, which one is better?

E.g. if Vive Pro is better then by how much? E.g. Vive Pro 100% (more % is better picture, less SDE) & Start VR is about 85% or vice versa.

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I will not be able to test my unit until late November. I will say the Odyssey is sharper from my recollection

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uh, Vive Pro IMO way better Odyssey+, not sure if you were referring to OG Odyssey, I didn’t try it, I didn’t like O+, it’s great HMD for it’s time, but nowadays it’s too blurry & lacks details a lot, but what a colours & blacks, but black smear wasn’t calibrated properly, from all OLED I tried I guess Vive Pro has best SDE pattern, Q1 on par but a bit worse, but PC experience isn’t comparable due to comfort & link / VD image reduction, plus I like colours & contrast more on Pro. It StarVR is worse than Pro then I will not even consider it, just was thinking about it last half of year, as it’s the only wide FOV available OLED HMD with decent quality.

Vive Pro is the same as the OG Odyssey. I have all of them. They all look sharper than the StarVR. The reasons, I have already mention them. StarVR is inbetween the Rift first Gen and the OG Odessey but with wide FOV.


Is it anyhow better 5kXR in terms of SDE? Im not asking about contrast & dullness, those are obviously worse on 5kXR.

Yes it has less SDE because the stacked lens system creates a natural anti-aliased image. But… it also ads a lack of sharpness due to everything having a slight anti-alias look. Is not terrible, but, when you compare it to the modern headsets like Quest 2, 8k X, Reverb, Index it is clear the clarity doesn’t compare


This is false statement, yesterday I was revising all my HMD & I installed lasted WMR portal software & while it was blurry in steam vr I noted that in WMR itself it was way sharper, so after playing with different settings I found out that on steam RQ about 300% it actually looks very promissing & I guess even better than on Vive Pro, e.g. in Pavlov when you look at a weapon I couldn’t see sde at all, on bright objects it’s there & about Q2 level, but when your resolution is cranked up & you have details it looks spectacular.

This is most understimated HMD I ever had, it was ok but I never managed to fix all this problems previously - so I found in WMR plugin dynamic resolution indicator & fixed all settings in WMR control panel (windows settings), display is very bright, blacks are very black, I found out that face cushion is attached by vecro (it was really hidden there) so I tested FOV at maxed mod which was quite enjoyable & I would say with that mod for my face shape is about OG Vive.

Unfortunately it still has several severe problems for me:

  1. on good details resolution (SS) it has much worse peformance (DCS) than Vive Pro at better details & has no smart smoothing, I have 1080ti WC & i7700k 5Ghz OC + 3000 CL 17/15/15/35 memory & on Vive I can play at about 150-200% depending on the map with smart smoothing at 40-45 fps on high settings without reflections & it’s smooth experience, seems WMR consumes some peformance & has no smart smoothing implementation so for high loaded games it performs worse, if I decrease resolution I loss details, it still better than was by default but performs smoother, with new gen GPU I guess it will be acceptable
  2. comfort is very awful, I will try to look will I be able to mod it & remove halo + shell plastic & replace it with custom 3d printed solution so it will be more light & will allow to use other straps like DAS or HTC Vive Pro (actually don’t like those as they don’t allow to lean on the back when you play sims) maybe CV1 like or Index like solution (it has adjusting element at angle & it allows you to lean still)

But I guess with mods & powerful hardware it’s really pretty experience for sims, also can be coupled with steamvr by using hacks - don’t like WMR tracking at all, but what a display.

After testing this yesterday I then hooked up my Vive Pro & it still awesome, the only disadvantage it has despite of the amount of details - the SDE is much more prominent on it but it’s better than on Pimax 8K - it’s not that bad, while on O+ it really benefits from this anti SDE filter. but performance & comfort, they could do better in this department (performance is MS fault) comfort I guess is Samsung’s flaw

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