StarVR ONE, anyone interested

YOO fellas!!!
I have a StarVR ONE for the taking, I’ve been asking VR-TECH for some help and info, nice dude to help out, especially when he doesn’t know me and doesn’t have to.
But what we have here I guess is a Dev Kit, is NEW besides me trying to hook it up. The only thing my headset isn’t doing is downloading the Display Optimization drivers, not really sure if they are a MUST need, but it does say please run Display Optimization for a better performance, so in the Compass settings the Star is orange, when if everything is all good it should be green. The headset does power up and I can launch SteanVR, I did run Half Life but I didn’t care for it to much the way it looked, maybe because I’m spoiled I’ve been playing it in my 8KX.
This is probably a lot better in a Developers hands than mine. I did send out a request to the Dev’s to see if they could send me the files I need to run the Display Opt. I sent that in Dec 27th, haven’t heard back, I know I’m impatient. Comes with everything you would need, the box and all the cables etc.

If anyone is really interested and you live in the USA.
drop me a line (virtualgamesterz at gmail

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I’m curious about it…A video, please