Started recently: 8KX Ghosting and hitching constantly, but gpu and cpu graphs flat

So I’ve had this 8KX for a few years now and have been very happy with it. I have a good PC with a 13600k and 4090, and in the steamvr void I get smooth gpu and cpu graphs confirmed by the windows task manager performance graphs.

However since a few weeks ago in the headset I’m seeing constant and significant hitching and ghosting when I turn my head. It’s harder to tell but I think I also see the chunkiness in the steamvr headset view.

Some notes about what I’ve checked which all resulted in no improvement:

  • Different fov’s
  • Different refresh rates
  • Native vs Upscaled
  • Same hitching/ghosting in pimax home (havent tried pimax experience) with steamvr closed
  • same with and without parallel projection
  • smart smoothing always disabled (and when tested enabled it’s always inactive)
  • FFR always disabled
  • HAGS enabled and disabled
  • Kill all unnecessary background and foreground apps and services after hard reboot including performance monitors, and I have no RGB controller software running (opaque metal case gang)
  • different usb ports
  • different display ports

I’m on windows 10 and per the screenshot below I’m on pitool and headset firmware 299, I’ve so far not tried downgrading or upgrading this. Is it worth trying pimax play? Can someone recommend and link to an older pitool I can try maybe? The pimax website makes it look like that software is for crystal and the pitool 284 is the latest for 8K (it doesnt show 8KX at:

I haven’t reached out to pimax support yet, mainly because I know it’s out of warranty… could be worth trying to get them to connect on a remote desktop session to check deeper settings. I’ve not tried another cable, we just moved so I’d have to dig a bit to find and compare an older cable I had to replace because of the snow artifacts.

Let me know if anyone has any ideas or experience, otherwise I’ll have to buy a new wifi 6e/7 router and take over my partners quest 3 as my primary until the 12kx or something better from bigscreen comes out. :frowning:

Hello Seth,
my experience:
I have practically the same configuration as you but with Windows 11 and Firmware in 2003 (ver.2076) also with Pitool Version 281 was the most stable version in my case!
You modified a lot of parameters without success, it’s surprising that you didn’t have any improvement!
I tested Pimax play but from version 1.11, big graphics bug and drop in performance (do a big cleanup if you want to uninstall it after testing it), I came back to Pitool!
Let’s be clear, the latest versions of Pimax play seem to be dedicated to crystal.
HAGS enabled does not work for me (stutters) -
Did your problems appear after updating the Nvidia drivers because I noticed a small loss of fluidity after installing the Geforce driver?
I use pimaxxr 0.3.4 at most for certain games and I have better results than under steam.

Thanks for your notes, the timing could definitely align with nvidia driver updates I’ll try grabbing an old gpu driver and i do have pimaxxr set up already so i’ll try testing with that as well today and see if there’s any differences

Well there you go, I installed the December 12th nvida driver from GeForce Game Ready Driver | 546.33 | Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11 | NVIDIA and it’s working smooth without the hitching and ghosting! So thanks for that suggestion!

Am I really the only one experiencing this on the latest driver? I’m not seeing any known issues about vr or pimax specifically anywhere I search

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