Start/stop PiTool from the script/command line

Is it possible to start/stop PiTool and related services from the command line?

I’ve upgraded to recent PiTool in order to try PimaxXR but it looks like now PiTool is required to be running in order to use my HMD (actually, it starts required processes. If I kill it after without it knowing, headset runs fine). I used to start/stop PiServiceLauncher and kill some processes, but this no longer works. So, checking out if anyone already figured it out.

And, a side question - is there a way to start PiTool minimized?


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Yes I cannot remember the fellow but a user had made a shell script? Will see if can find it.

It may akso be in the Table of content wiki.

Cluck on profile pic then Star I believe.

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thanks - I searched everywhere to my best ability but did not find a way. Thing is there was a way - start/stop PiLauncherService, but that does not work with Pitool 284… in order to init headset I actually have to start Pitool. It’s not the end of the world, but I wish there was command line way to cleanly close Pitool, like it is possible to do with SimHub and Crew Chief, and also make it start minimized. Just killing Pitool and related processes messes things up with latest Pitool.

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This is the topic and by chance you were a participant.

Edit may need to ask @PimaxQuorra to discuss with team… as you mentioned this older script/batch method might not work as before.

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