Star Wars Squadrons Parallel Projections Fix

Hi everyone, I have setup a bug report on the official EA site for Star wars squadrons to try and make the developers aware of this problem so that they may review and comment and maybe implement a fix for it if enough of us hit the “me too” button.

If anyone would like to see this game engine work without requiring “compatible with parallel projections” then our only chance (admittedly a small one!) is to sign this bug report.

I will leave the link to it here:




They have hardcoded the viewports without pulling from the API. There are Rift CV1 users that report double pictures when they roll to the extreme of their IPD. WMR headsets got the scale wrong. And we got double vision.

You can post them this link: openvr/openvr.h at master · ValveSoftware/openvr · GitHub
They are suppoed to use that together with the API, and then not worry once anymore about new headsets’ dimensions. Openvr will take care of it.


I saw your post over there and gave it a me too. Now I have a question. Elite dangerous has been needing PP for ages and it never has been fixed. Is fixing this a big undertaking for programmers?

I added your link to the post. Don’t really expect them to do anything about this but doesn’t hurt to try

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Sign it boys… we need this.

Not sure refering them on to Pimax is the best idea. Better just to show them the fix.

It would also fix it for the StarVR or any canted displays hmd.

Signed and added my thoughts.

Thanks , hitted " me too" . Lets do some “crowd” there :slight_smile:

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Elite Dangerous devs are specific. They simply prepared VR ver in 1 day with minimum effort. Personally I see munch more VR love in SW:S.
Crossing fingers for this fix.


It would help for all future headsets regarding dimensions, scaling of the world, 3d perception, etc… It’s more cost effective as well to do it right once. And then let OpenVR do the rest!

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Depends. Just rotating viewports is simple enough (few minutes work). But there could be post processing/visual effects/special rendering techniques etc. that are calculated/optimized assuming parallel views and those might be hard to fix.

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Ok we have at least been heard and the Devs are looking into it. Whether they decide it’s worth their time to fix this or not we’ll have to see but at least they have formally acknowledged it which is a good start! Re: VR: Double Vision and Incorrect Rendering on HMDs with Non-Parallel Displays - Page 4 - Answer HQ


Awesome that they have responded.

Did anyone try the Project Cars 2/Automobilista text file trick?

I did.
I get a prompt telling me that steam API is missing and to check that steam is running.

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Oh well ok, dont own it so I cant try.

I’m still hoping that I’ve done it wrong and that someone more knowledgeable will find a way :slight_smile:

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