Star Wars Squadrons In The Yaw VR Motion Simulator + Pimax 8KX - New Profile With Full 360° Rotation!

Playback starts at 2:01

Tonight I’m jumping back into Star Wars Squadrons using the latest profile for the game found in the Yaw VR game Engine. Last time I streamed this one I was only able to play using very limited Yaw axis movement by using the Joystick emulation in Sim Racing Studio since at that time there was not a true profile for the game… but tonight all of that changes as there is now indeed one for this game in the Yaw VR game Engine.

What’s the difference you might ask? well with a true profile that captures the games telemetry data output the simulator has more precise movements that sync much better than just emulating the movements of a joystick. this also gives the ability to turn on the 360 degree Yaw movement which simulates G-forces and just makes everything feel so much more natural.


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