Stability of Fixed Foreated Rendering

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When it works it is great but

I have been doing extensive testing with FFR in Il2, especially the new release which I was VR testing and FFR, although can be a great benefit - it just isn’t stable.

Do we know if there will be improvements with the next PiTool release?

At current it is approx 50% usable, half the time it crashes the program, the other half, it doesn’t.


@PimaxUSA will the next PiTool support FFR for No Man’s Sky ?

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It is most frustrating. It is no issue in Assetto Corsa (old version), I wonder how it is in DCS? In Il2 when it works it really helps and is a huge benefit.

Definitely the way forward with high quality VR especially at high render targets where the outer edges do not look like pixelated vomit.

I know there is also a problem with SteamVR Home and FFR especially at high render targets. I wonder if it is a SteamVR issue…:thinking:

I have submitted a driver support feedback form to Nvidia about Fixed Foreated Rendering.

I am now using driver 436.48 and I am getting the same issues as the previous 2 drivers. Il2 and also SteamVR Home have issues with FFR

I might also contact Valve about it as I am not sure if it is a SteamVR issue but SteamVR itself doesn’t seem to fall down, just those programs running through it.

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