SR (#20057) SR(#20731) - need help

Hello Pimax and forum Folks :slight_smile:

2 weeks ago I sent via UPS my 5K+ unit for RMA to Shanghai and that was because of headphone jack issue ( no sound) and many serious cracks.
Since 10 days I dont recived any single reply from Pimax respresantive , I don’t know whats happen with my shipment but via tracking service looks like my unit is held in UPS Wearhouse or custom agency in China. Status held/hold is since 7 days. Pimax asked me to label “RMA” in 2 places on the box which I did but looks like not everything went well.
Last time I asked Pimax 2 times about situation, even created additional SR to look into previous.
From the very beginning I had communication with Matthew or somebody from PimaxUSA mailbox but that was 10 days ago and now Pimax is silent.

Anyone here @forum can help me ? I dont even know if Pimax working on that issue or just waiting for my package.
I still supporting Pimax with my money, pre-order 8KX a month ago so Pimax please give me some answers and look at my tickets.
@Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA


Did you contact UPS?


No I didn’t, package is in China and I’m in EU with no answer from Pimax what to do . In my opinion they should contact local UPS office and ask what docs are missing…


You should contact them. Maybe they can tell you what’s going on and find a solution.


Typically it depends on who is paying the shipment and this is the party the carrier will deal with. Did you pay, or was it prepaid by Pimax?

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This is RMA , ofcource Pimax paid

Hi Piotr,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I will reply to you on the ticket, thank you for your patience.

I will close this topic. Thanks again.

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