Spreadsheet Update 11th Mar 2019

found it, didn’t thought I had to browse to the top

Lol is it the same spreadsheet like from friday? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


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So I think we found the problem, no one in the UK warehouse is working. Whats that with you UK’lers :wink: @Jean-Mehdi

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I’m not saying that it was on purpose, but I’m surprised that they only delivered hundreds of 8k hmds and the rest are not produced because the displays are defective, it also plays against Pimax that have an interest in the backers to change to 5k+ and the constant lies, now for many truths they say will always be questioned.

There is a saying that says it is better not to open your mouth when you have nothing to say and Pimax applies it constantly, but when he opens his mouth and makes a mistake it is a translation problem :frowning:

And I want to recognize the courage and desire of the Pimax workers who are showing their faces in the public forum, like @anon74848233 and @Matthew.Xu, what I don’t like is the policy of Pimax as a company, not its workers.


EDIT: nevermind, see new question below

it looks like the same list from friday… the to warehouse site is huge, my one is in transit since 01/07… there are not more shippings since then…

Check the last production update, 8k are being built, problem is shipping. We don’t know if they are shipping 8ks right now or if they are shipping 5k+ pre orders.

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Thank you, I will edit my question then.

From production update, I see that since the 19th, 1003 8K headsets have been produced.

Have any of those been shipped?
Will you be able to ship any of them this week?
And if it has to be after the holidays, what date is it exactly that you will be back to work and resume shipping?

EDIT: looks like 8K announcement coming soon … it appeared for a bit and disappeared. Looks like they are editing it.

EDIT2: I guess they are waiting to tell us at the last minute that they can that we will have to wait longer.

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I got a ticket open for 11 days now. I backed an 8K and in every survey I Chose the 8K, but in the spreadsheet it says 5k+. No answer to the ticket yet. Can please somebody reply to SUPEN-1299.

On a serious note, how would middle East orders be shipped? No warehouse nearby.

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I think my headset will be delivered by a camel or something like that it’s still on it’s way to the oversea warehouse. I am bored to death.


Back 4819 here.
@Matthew.Xu, @anon74848233 why is the headset still in on its way to the oversea warehouse?? I’ve been told by switching to 5K+ that my headset would have been shipped FROM the oversea warehouse since you had enough stock… now this been 1 week and a half since the unwanted switch.

Why are you guys keep saying lies?


They do because i don’t think you or i would accept the following :

Hi, we used UK headset stock to replace faulty backers unit across EU.
You headset is on way to overseas warehouse, warehouse is doing fine.

@Matthew.Xu, @anon74848233

Backer 4397 UK here. I asked to change my pledge from 8K to 5K+ 10 days ago after the recent 8K delay announcement, sent PM to Matthew and created SUPEN-1337, then sent email to support@pimax.com and received a reply that my change is accepted and Pimax is sending 5K+ to me.

When in spreadsheet from 24.01.2019 I saw my number as 8K being “built” I thought that this is a mistake and it’ll be fixed in the next spreadsheet.

If the spreadsheet from 29.01.2019 is the latest one, I’m still listed there as receiving 8K, not 5K+.

Can somebody from Pimax explain to me what do I need to do to receive 5K+?

A camel? Lucky you. I heard mine was on its way by Tortoise Express via Mexico, maybe


Overseas warehouse is on the dark side of the moon maybe :laughing::new_moon::full_moon_with_face:


Of course they are using uk warehouse UMDs to replace faulty EU units. Mine was same as yours,in SH on 1/7, so it should have been delivered for a long time. But no news.

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All the Australian Headsets have been sent to Austria by Mistake. lol.
Don’t laugh. It has happened before.


Ah Yes, I live in The Netherlands. The lower lands, you know, the land down under sea level