"Special Case" Upgraders?

Have any “Special case” upgraders attempted to apply for the partial upgrade discount using a support ticket as we were instructed? ( My special case is that I added 1 single Basestation to my order.)

The support person did not seem to know about this and forwarded it to her supervisor a few day ago. This is my first Pimax support ticket, but I just knew this would happen from past forum reading, and felt dread when I heard this was the method to get the discount. Weren’t the support people informed about special case support tickets?

Anyone have better luck?


I think it’s a bit slow in the flow.
I had message open for applying the coupon , I did get a new one but how I can apply that now to an existing order did not reach Through to the support personal.

@PimaxUSA, and @Matthew.Xu i know there is a lot of Tickets, but a Common Mode on how special cases are handelt for the backers/upgraders and the support team would be awesome.

I have opened a support ticket with the question what is possible with the index controllers upgrade in combination with the comfort kit and the use of the 100 credit. No answer yet. They want me to upgrade, i don’t. I’m just tired and don’t want to spend too much time in all this anymore. Gradually i’m getting less and less involveld and interested. To the point i will rest my case not trying anything anymore. I feel unheard. It’s… Ok i guess. Tired of fighting for getting the promised things. Good luck all of you!

meetoo, as I switch from 8K to “5K XR”, I have no 100$ Coupon. So most Plans are not vaild etc…
I won’t be able to get an appointment without a support ticket.

But there is only silence.

I think I will also give up.

I had what I considered a special case.
2 pledges.
1 x 8k full package with hand tracking add on.
1 x 5k+ downgrade with 1 base station.

I asked if I could add my coupon & base station value & possibly other things onto my 8k full pack, toward an 8kx with extras.

Was told to chose either plan b for my first pledge or chose plan d for my second pledge.
As if to buy 2x 8kx or just use 1 pledge only.

Several messages & 11 days later I had a slightly confusing message possibly stating I could chose plan a, but could not use my single base station cost.
That would be sent to me.
They also stated I could get a coupon for my hand tracking (which I already said i wanted to keep).
I’m not even sure if I could use that coupon towards the upgrade as that question was not answered or cleared up.
Last thing I want is another useless $100 coupon.

It seems a second set of stretch goals were not convertible (fair enough) although my question was just not answered.

After that I have decided to pass on the upgrade

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Yes. I was given a coupon code. It appears to be for only around 13$ though and not the 210$ it should be. Although I haven’t used it yet, so it may just be a typo in the email.