Space Engine Universe Simulator has VR support

I am curious if anyone will be willing to try it out with Pimax, especially if you have 8kx.
Please share your experience.


I’ll try it on my StarVR One tomorrow.


I’m willing to test it on my Pimax 8K, but since it’s not an app I would normally use, I’d rather not have to buy it. If you’d like for me to test it, please PM me with an activation code or limited-time demo or similar.

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here they have a free version and a patch
I think it is possible to run in VR with exception of VR controls, it is only partial
Also, free versions of SpaceEngine will not work with Nvidia driver version 436.02 or later.
So, you might need to install earlier driver.


Q: Is there a SpaceEngine SDK? Can I use the engine to make my own game?
A: Not currently. The engine is still very much in development and will require a lot of work before it is completed. However, after the engine is completed it will be possible to use it for your own project.

Let’s hope that ‘release date’ is somewhere before that of Star Citizen.

IIRC there is some or other open-source astronomy engine/database that could be used at least for stuff not on planetary surfaces.

Thanks, I saw that. There’s no guarantee that the old versions support the Pimax headset. Also, I have no intention of installing an older nVidia driver.

I have the version from Steam, and use it with my 5k+. It works. I don’t spend much time in it. I like to go from system to system, find an interesting planet and look at space from there. It’s got nice atmospheric effects, but the level of details on the surface is not very high. It’s still spectacular to watch a sunset, rings above you, accelerate time and see the universe rotate around you, witness sunrise, look at the sky again to look at the rings, and be surprised to find a hurricane has moved over your head.
Performance-wise, it varies, depending on the environment: In space (90+ FPS), on a planet (some reprojection), in a nebula…


This should be great with the pimax xr

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I have Space engine too, it is pretty good. But it requires PP and performance, esp. on planets, is not great, so I run it on small FoV (with 1080Ti).

For exploring Universe I like it lot more than ED. But it is not really a game. I think you can also fly ship but I did not try that, I only use it in Planetarium mode.

Unfotunately the information text is too tiny/far in VR so you can’t really read info about objects. Also screenshots from VR come deformed, so if you want nice screenshot you need to exit VR (not game, just VR in game settings), take screenshot on monitor, and then turn VR display on again.

Beware, this experience of freely flying around in all kind of angles can make you motion sick. I got used to it after some time so I don’t have this problem with it anymore.

Tip: Unlike Elite you can slow down or fasten time, this way you can easily wait for sunset/sunrise or just observe how the planetary bodies move around on their trjactories.

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