Sony's 8K HMD sounds intersting

Sony just previewed a dual-4K HMD that they mentioned had the ‘full human field of view.’ Very interesting if true! Sony Shows The Future Of Next-Gen VR With Prototype Headset Having a major player in the market with a wide FOV HMD would surely push more devs to include support rather than forcing us to use slow ‘PP’ corrections.


very intresting,i hope they bring it out…


If true this is really a big move forward in VR. It would be the first time a company succeeded in extending a super small image (micro oled panels) onto a wide FoV. That would be a really big breakthrough in optics, since current optics used in VR can’t do such thing.


Not to mention that Pimax needs some competition! They need some incentive to get their crap together!

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I have to wonder whether there may not be something very importantly qualifying lost in the translation of the passage about: “…extending the image throughout the visual field of human eyes”, which is the only time FOV is mentioned at all…


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