Some thoughts on the Prototype Controllers from CES

Okay just watched some reviews from CES 2019 again and i thought we should talk about the controllers again as long as they are still prototypes.

I wont focus on the sensor ring much this was discussed before and i would have done it differently i simply hope the design doesn’t get to much in the way while playing.

I want to focus on some other issue that Thomas and the guy from GizmoSlipTech (sorry for not knowing your name) at the CES talked about and that i also pointed out in 2017 in my controller concept thread.

The 1st problem i see is the design of the controllers became to small.
Have a look at the following pictures in my opinion there is way to little room for the hand, the grip needs to be longer.

Here is a comparison picture to one of the earlier prototypes.

While the controller on the left side seems to be a bit to big the grip on the right side is way to small. So maybe something in between would be more usefull. You can also notice on the smaller grip that the fingers especially the pinkie finger is forced in an awkward position. That’s caused by to little volume on the grip and because it is to short.

The second major problem i see is the button and trackpad position.
I made this picture in 2017 talking about the problem while experimenting with my concept design.

And here are 2 pictures taken from the videos of VoodooDE and GizmoSlipTech when they noticed exactly this problem not only on the buttons but also on the trackpad.

Here are the videos they talk about it.

Thomas in german about the trackpad

Most easiest solution to this make the top part with the buttons and trackpad a bit bigger and move the trackpad and button up a bit. In combination with a bigger grip where you can place your hand differently i think this problem could be solved.

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This is something to evaluate. What we need is a range of hand sizes of adults & youths.

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quite frankly, they should base their design/sizing from the footprint / size of the Oculus Touch controllers which fit absolutely perfect into the hand…like a natural mold. Then they can design/customize their own controller around that already perfect fit. NOBODY ever complains about the touch controllers and how they fit the hand.They look like Touch controllers already anyway, and just need Pimax’s own ergonomic design-like button placement etc. that make it custom as a Pimax controller.


Except for the obstructive overly sized janky tracking ring which comes out too far. They’re not really like touch. They should be a mix between knuckles and touch, either knuckles or touch tracking ring with the hand holder.

Size for adult hands is definitely too small and collision between controllers is inevitable with the current design.

down size the tracking ring on the outside curves to prevent accidental collisions and increase hand spacing on the inside a little, and yea they’re like Touch.

Oh there are luckily enough online sources for this google is your friend :grin:.
For example

Just wonder why they still have the problem with the button and trackpad position i pointed that out in 2017 and they visited my thread regulary so it could have been avoided or fixed. At least they listened when i told them about Alps-cirque and their sdk for the grip functions. :+1:

@jTeller yeah but the touch doesn’t have the sensor ring the way it is on the Pimax Controllers i think this is one of the problems why trhey went so small with the grip


Not really, the touch has a slim downwards donut tracking ring at the front end of the controller, not an unneccessarily obstructive and oversized (thick) tracking ring which wraps around the wrist.

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yea I understand what you’re saying, the ring is a full 360 on Pimax and only a 180 degree (hanging below the controller on Touch so harder to design around to a degree.


Touch controllers are near perfect in design in my opinion.


I recall seeing a really neat controller here on the forums with a piano black headset but don’t recall the name. Something like plano or something.

On some sides as you say this is a working prototype need more hands reviews. Even Vive wands have struck headsets.

Damn straight so are knuckles but, i would argue knuckles are better because they don’t fall out of your hands.

We don’t really know what is & isn’t necessary at this time. Need more time & info.

Pimax confirmed they will update their initial prototype design without the obstructive ring a while ago to a more modern design, so we’ll see where that goes.

Yes they would look into it. We need more use feedback. This is a working design that is not likely finalised.

I would argue that the size of one’s hands are a determinant in whether the controllers fall out of your hands. I myself have not had that issue with touch. I do welcome the addition of the inner strap of the Pimax controller though in order to suit the majority of users.

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Actually i think the Pimax design isn’t to bad it just needs to be a bit bigger and have a bit more volume to the grip. I like the index finger trigger position by looking at it, it seems to allow you to do a nice natural hand grip motion.
But yeah the sensor ring design is still irritating me a bit because i think it introduces more problems than it solves but ultimately this are design decisions.

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Sometimes you might want to let go of the controllers though, you can’t do that with touch.

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yes actualy you can, if I want to do that on ocassion I let then dangle from the wrist strap and then do a quick pullup/grip when I want to continue, but I get what you’re saying.

Yeah nah lanyards don’t count because fumbling around for a controller is immersion breaking and isn’t practical to do quickly.