Some random thoughs of Pimax and VR

I was just awarded VR Person of the Year by Sina, one of the biggest Chinese Internet media. I think this is not unrelated to Pimax headsets, as the major product that I have been advocating in 2018 is Pimax headsets, so I’d like to share my excitement here. I have been a VR advocate in Chinese media since Oculus DK1. I strongly believe VR is the future and it will have deep impact on human culture. Yet things have not progressed exactly as we have anticipated. VR industry enters into a slow development stage that could even come to a halt if there is less and less endeavor to push it forward. Bigger players are conservative and less adventurous out of various reasons, which makes the whole scene stagnant and more developers leaving. VR is all about innovation. Without innovation it is dead. This is why I feel panick. I believe in the future of VR, and I also think the technology is ready, but it needs continuous push in all forms and from all sides.

And then we have Pimax. My eyes were lit up. First I had a Pimax 4K, which has quite a lot serious flaws, but I wrote an enthusiastic review praising Pimax for its innovation efforts. And then we have 8K, the prototype, M1, and then 5K+. It starts from something quite raw. Version after version, modification after modification, meetup after meetup, tester after tester, delay after delay, we see it grows from the impossible. It’s not perfect yet. No, far from it, but it at least shines quite brightly in some major aspects, and the shining light could stimulate the industry, and restore people’s faith in VR to some extent. And that’s enough for my thankfulness.

As a Chinese I’d like to say this is not unlike the growth of China. We grow from something people might be hard to imagine. 40 years ago we had no private company, no sales, no warrant, no technical support, no advertisement, no competition, not QC, no market economy. Everything is state planned. We learn everything from ground up. Now we are still a novice in the global market. We still have a lot of rules to learn, a long way to go. Please allow some time, and some tolerance.

The Chinese believe in long term and the whole picture, and I have faith in the value of Pimax in the whole picture of the VR scene from a long term. It will stimulate the industry, and it will benefit us all.


What are your thoughts on VR/AR being used for “Evil” things? Like tracking everything about you. What you look at, what you are interested in, who you are around in the real & virtual world. Also the possibility of distorting reality. People gettting lost in a virtual world, where they do not care about the real world.

I love VR and AR will be the future of “screens” but I do very much worry about its potential to be used to control and distort reality.

Congrats, @yanfeng!!


Congrats, nice trophy :grinning:

I have personnaly anticipated it would progress like it does, adoption is slow and will certainly continue like that because VR is constraining. Same scheme than for racing wheels adoption, playing with a joypad is much less constraining so it remained the norm for a long time. Still racing wheel market has continued his growth and we have amazing wheelbases today. VR in comparison has the benefit of being less restrictive in term of content, but being cut from the real world makes it even more restrictive than finding the room for a racing wheel. In market growing slowly like that the key is to go for high quality products. It has been true for racing wheels and the same happens now with VR headsets.

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Congratulations, Yanfeng!!! Thank you for your work! I agree and I believe that VR needs all the help that it can get. Personally, I think that there has already been too much money thrown at it, too many can’t afford it to fail. But I do believe that we have to wait a bit for the tech to catch up. I think that we caught nVidia and AMD “flat-footed”.

It has been amazing to watch and a lot of us are very hopeful!
As much as I’ve enjoyed “cheap stuff”, I’m looking forward to seeing China become a name associated with quality products and workmanship! The hard work of the Chinese people is well known, it will be nice to see your products shine!


Congratulations for award and recognition!

Everything? That’s not exactly true… one example would be… “forced technology transfers” isn’t something learned from the ground up.


Yes I very much share your concern. VR/AR definitely has its potential dangers to human being, as all cutting edge technologies do. This is why I am half ecstacy and half dread as I am approaching VR, which adds to the excitement. I sometimes see myself as a hybrid of subject and object in an experiment. We are all the early testers of the great VR revolution which come sooner or later, regardless we like or dislike it. Our test results are of value to the later generations.

I am watching a Korean drama “Memories of Alhambra” which is currently shown on Neflix: Watch Memories of the Alhambra | Netflix Official Site The title sounds like some cheap romance, but it’s actually about game, AR, and horror. The plot is crude and slow, but it’s quite innovative and thought provocating. Anyone with an interest in game and AR/VR can have a look.

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Very well said & definitely very informative to help us understand how much has changed & is different from how many of us are used to seeing the world.

Thank you Yanfeng. This should help us all have a better understanding of the roots & challenges that pimax & other emerging companies from China.

Congrats on the prestigious Award! Well deserved. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Together we can all help pimax succeed in business & pressing vr forward!

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Thank you all for the encouragement. Pimax forum has become my daily go, and I have learnt a lot here. You guys are the best of the best, seriously. :+1::hearts::sunglasses: