Some problems with Vader Immortal

The game starts without any problem from Pitools but when you fight with light sable it looks bad from the light sable, same when in ship in hyperspace, did also get stuck there after we scanned the ship for failed antenna, anyone manage to get past that?

I didn’t try the light saber fight, but the ship in hyperspace looked fine to me. Scanning the ship took a couple tries, I got to that point, couldn’t grab the knob, exited to menu, then continued. It takes you back to before you go back to explore, but the second try the knob worked for me (once its lights turned green). There’s definitely something weird about how the game handles that kind of input, that forced your hand to a specific configuration.

I can’t get passed the hyperspace since the game does not recognize my grip button input. In lightsaber dojo it works. Worst thing is, the angle of the vive wands is way off.

Yes angle here is off for wand, like game made for wand then touch controller is off, soon i have knuckels hope that fit better for angle.

Woa hang on… are you saying that this game is now available in the Oculus Store?? Can’t wait to go back home and buy it!

Hey what a bummer ,the grip works in the dojo and my tracking is fine , great fun!!!
But in the story mode the grip doesn’t work properly ,it works once for a scene and then stops for the next time you have to pickup something,have to exit and restart each time , ruins the experience :frowning:
Anybody know if anything can be done to fix this??
Looks great on the 8k!!

You can use Revive in SteamVR but you must set the graphics to low otherwise you will get terrible judder.

Cool thanks, I will give it a try :wink:

Did get past the ship but now am stuck at Vader holding something and the mini boss saying do as Lord Vader say.

Vaders cape is not attched to him.

Revive work’s , just like you said , pity about the graphic settings.
Fun but short , thanks for the help :sunglasses:

Yea see with Revive it works much better, the angle for controller is better, cape was like 99% right only problem i have then is the menu popsup like crazy from time to time.

And you have to go on low with revvie, do i cant say i saw any difrence between high in pitool and low with revive.