Some Oculus games are low resolution in Pimax 8k (eg, The Climb) - any suggestions?

When I play The Climb, first off the intro logos are only visible at the extreme right edge of the display, most of it is black. I didn’t even realize it was working until I put my headset on and could hear it going. But then when it gets into the game, the resolution is low, like really low. I only have Pimax at 0.75, that shouldn’t be the issue (other games like Lucky’s Tale look quite sharp at 0.75). If I go into the game settings and crank up the in-game resolution multiplier as high as it can go, I can sorta read the menu text.

Even worse is Blaze Rush, it’s like that game is at 320x240 resolution no matter what I do.

Any ideas?


If some games look really good & some bad. The game might have low res Textures. I don’t habr Blaze Rush to check.

Congrats. Backer I presume?

Yeah, original 8k backer. I’m used to playing these games on Oculus Rift, so no it’s not just low-res textures, something about the interaction between the Pitool and Oculus game is causing the problem. It may be that The Climb has some sort of scaling resolution based on performance (not sure) and it doesn’t like the performance it’s getting from the Pimax, but Blaze Rush definitely wouldn’t do that, it’s a pretty simple game, one of the Rift launch titles. Also note, The Climb has a warning icon you can enable for low-framerate - that icon appears at full resolution, but nothing else does.

Oh, I’m using the current stable Pitools version (not the beta), and a 1080ti.

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I see the exact same problem in arktika 1 . Has anyone found a solution for this ?

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Try The Climb on small FoV. Might improve visual if pitool is forcing Wide FoV

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Is this a confirmed solution? I have same problem, 5k plus, normal fov latest build of pitools and the res/quality is really low!

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For me, the two games that have consistent low res are Xing and Edge of Nowhere. Any fixes out there?

the same with eve valkery… it displays very very low resilution,

I wish pimax fixes this…