Some general Answers from testers which will not affecting on NDA

Continuing the discussion from M1 closed beta update 0712:

I was not read all the hassle about this leak. I know how this work, I was the developer of some popular mods for ArmA games. I didn’t even bother to read all about leeks and don’t know is it publish who our “Julian” is but I expect such things from him. That’s school for Pimax as well to chose partners better next time as well.

Sweed, I got one question about Pimax8K performances which is not related with NDA and I think you could answer it.
Did you play DCS yet on Pimax8K? This is a really demanding game and how demanding Pimax is on hardware compared to Oddysay for example?

I think you could give us such information because it is nothing about the current state of developing and details level. It is a general question which could be answered and will satisfie our curiosity to get some general pieces of information from first hand.



As the thread, where I want to post this, is closed I start the new thread.

The intention is to ask some general question on Pimax8K to get more information but not go in details which is part of NDA.
This my question from the first post is an example of such a question.
The intention is to keep good vibrations around the community and get some new information or answers which we newer got but now we need it to keep people calm without thinking about stupidity based on guesses and fears.

All right, here’s another.

If you’ve played Elite Dangerous, how easy is it to read the small text, like target info, without leaning forward (that is, not using base stations)?

That game is my primary reason to be a backer and I won’t have a base station until Pimax ships me one.

Thanks, for a reply, assuming someone is allowed to do so.

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I play ed in the rift since over a year and even on that hmd im able to read all the text. Of course it will be readable on the 8k. More important are performance questions and even more the black levels. Its also almost my only reason why i backed. In addition pimax did a video on youtube.

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I certainly hope so. The issue is that the wide field of view on the 8K limits the number of pixels available for the center area. The pixels-per-degree in the center is actually smaller on the 8K, compared to some current headsets. It won’t be an issue once I have a base station (and can move towards the text), but I think I have a valid concern.

The video is what worries me. It seemed like they intentionally avoided showing the small text.

Black levels should be OK. It’s an LCD, just like my monitor, so I’m used to dark gray space.

Any comparison of the M1 with anything else would reveal information about the unit and would break the NDA.

More of the same. Would reveal information about the unit and… etc.

Sorry guys.


It’s impossible to have good black levels with the display panels they are using. If black levels are important to you then this headset will disappoint. No matter how much they adjust the contrast it will not look anywhere as good as OLED

@Cdaked. I love it how Seviver has dismissed all issues with the headset even though MRTV’s concerning thoughts were posted just over a week ago. The M2 still hasn’t even been tested to prove anything. Look forward to hearing your honest review when the NDA is lifted :slight_smile:


Under nda there is less information than before. I think all the worries would be reduced by more transparency. People do understand making mistakes - more than not talking about. You may say im a dreamer… :slight_smile:


I knew that before I pledged. It only needs to be as good as my current LCD monitor, for me to be satisfied.

It might be a huge benefit that you still haven’t played Elite Dangerous in VR. I will be buying the 8K just to try Elite Dangerous but it will be extremly hard to go from OLED blacks to LCD. Open space looks like a sky box enough as it is

No, without NDA any sort of bad experience shared from testers will be magnified and looked under the microscope,
Blown out of proportion by 10 folds.

Websites that have financial ‘benefits’ from certain hmd makers are going to write dishonest previews to put pimax down so they can continue to receive ‘benefits’ for being a great pal.

And fanbois of current gen hmd will go on put all sorts of misinformation everywhere so they can reassure their investment is not dated and ‘right’ choice.

So yeah NDA is good idea so any info of change to improve the hardware/software will not be used as a weapon to destroy this small company.

What do I know, it’s just my wild guess


There are pros and cons to any technology. In this case, one of the trade-offs is reduced black levels for reduced SDE and increased FoV. That sounds reasonable to me, but it’s likely not everyone will be satisfied.

I’m photophobic (sensitive to bright light, since my left iris doesn’t contract properly), so I’ll be reducing the overall brightness, which will certainly help with the black levels.


The black levels here are fine by me so I think the final release should be ok


Not entirely true. For a general idea William did fir example through the lens video of say ED which showed the cockpit.

@Enopho can give you an idea on text from the 4k model as no leaning forward by default.

@Davobkk while maybe true to an extent. Users here have talked about uncalibrated displays (generally bought uncalibrated) vs calibrated.

My old Philips 55" 1080p Led had decent black levels hooked up to my pc. Now the onboard TV tuner sucks for watching broadcasted space shows.

Now wouldn’t be as nice as Samsung’s Qled which gives Oled a bit a run for its money. But the tech behind Qled (Quantum Dot) will replace oled. Quantum dot tech is what is used in nano tech…

As for pixel density. Keep in mind to go with Sub pixels by degree opposed to Pixels by degree.

Oled Pentile = 2 sub pixels
Clpl (Lcd) rgb = 3 sub pixels

Rgb has more subpixel density vs oled pentile.

Indeed Lcd dies have certain benefits over oled & some displays use area backlight diming.

Here is an excellent article

This is the video that helped me convice at least 5 people to preorder the Pimax.


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Not all LCDs are born equal. For black levels, usually -VA panels are preferred, for color accuracy IPS, for the fast response TN. I wonder if Pimax has ever stated which technology their panels use.


Can you at least confirm or deny that the 8k can work without base stations as the 4k do (3dof of course)? Did some tester try to do that? I don’t think that’d break the NDA.