Some basic questions


I have some long-overdue questions I would be very grateful to have answered. Typically time is short so I just crack on and start playing without ever getting a better understanding of things lol

Can you turn off or use “gaze control” (as in use the headset without a controller ala PC2) on the Steam VR dashboard?

Here’s my typical user experience:

  • Typically I launch a game from Pimax to use the per-game settings
  • Leave my computer chair and get into my cockpit
  • Notice I can’t see my game because the SteamVR dashboard has booted
  • Curse a bit as I have to get back up and go get a knuckles controller
  • Turn it on, press the controller button and turn it off
  • Get on with playing the game

This is why I want to avoid the SteamVR dashboard which would be more useful if it had gaze control (hold looking over a button to enable press) and if booting from it used the Pimax game profiles (TBH someone is probably going to tell me launching from Steam already does this lol)

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

I am no expert but I think Valve would have to do that. I agree that the automatic VR Dashboard in Steam VR is frustrating but, as far as I know, this is designed behavior.

Thanks David - so do you go through the same sort of process as me then? I suppose if you’re using the controllers anyway it’s no biggy but doing it EVERY time starts to grate after a while

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