Some Apps or Games not working (Black Screen with Lines)

Hello, I have the problem that with Vorpx (Shaddow of the Tomb Raider and vorbx Desktop) and the demo of Project Cars (in Steamvr) my 8K does not display a picture, but only one with picture errors. It remains black with lines towards the middle. Does jemadn know a solution?

I have a 2080 Ti, Pi settings are default. Pitool .112 and the last nvidia drivers are installed

It is totally frustrating. No game is running … Neither Project Cars, nor Vroom Kaboon, nor Shaddow of the Tomb Raider on vorpx gehr not. Settings are all standard and in Steam I have sometimes set 100% or 50%, but no difference. The screen remains gray or has image errors.
Watching videos and Google VR go … So the glasses does not seem to be broken.

What bothers me too is that steam vr always tries to setup the room, although I have no base station. Can you switch that off somehow?

You can disable lighthouse tracking in PiTool and that is most likely Your problem.

I’m not 100% sure but if I remember correctly, it’s under the “HMD” tab.

After disabling lighthouse tracking You still need to run the room setup in PiTool (just for setting the height). Leave the headset on the ground and set the height to 0 for example. Or leave it somewhere else and set the real hight.

I found the problem. The nvidia 3D settings are not let the app decide… Now it works :slight_smile:

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