[SOLVED]Pimax support need fast response

I have a support case 19226. In my first email I clearly stated what I would like to get from Pimax. I want my downgrade coupon, and one more for the extra money I sent to Pimax after kickstarter, ir I want this extra refunded.

Yet response was irrelevant, neglecting my ask, pointing me towards “upgrade plans”.

I sent a response again and had to wait a week to get a second reply. Second reply was as bad as the first one - total ignorance towards what I was asking for, again pointing me towards upgrade plans and saying that hand tracking is not yet available (my extra was originally towards hand tracking, but it wasnt a kickstarter perk, I just paid 100 via pimax website for nothing in particular and emailed them asking to consider this towards hand tracking)!

I feel like I’m talking to a wall or an automated reply system!


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As far as I know, there is no downgrade plan or any refund plan available? Im not sure what you are referring to. Could you please specify what you are trying to ask for?

Hi Martin,

Yes, looks like there is no “downgrade plan or refund plan”. But did I write “downgrade plan”? Did I write “refund plan”? I didn’t.

I wrote “downgrade coupon”, in the ticket I wrote “8k->5k+ switch”. This is the basis to provide me with a $100 coupon, per Pimax’s official promise during downgrade campaign, as discussed in several other threads on the forum, original email was also cited several times. Im ok with a “restricted” coupon that I can only apply on comfort kit or face foam, but give it to me please.

The second basis, for the second $100 coupon or refund, is the money I sent outside of kickstarter campaign. I have all rights to get it refunded or get a coupon (which should be able to apply to anything on the store), I’ve waited long enough and don’t want this money to sit on Pimax side any longer, I can find better use for it.


Simple he is saying he wants his downgrade credit refunded as it appears he is not interested in any of the offerings. Likely due to original advertised use of credit conditions no longer being honored.

That is my best non google translation.

Good to see you Marcin! Most thought you had ducked out again. :beers::sunglasses::vulcan_salute::sparkles:

Sorry looks like I took your interpetation. Seems just wants his coupon for a future use once things sorted.

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At least you got a reply…:confused:


Not anymore - still no update, no resolution

right im very angry…………………………………

@Matthew.Xu hello Matthew, may I ask for a resolution to my case? It’s been almost a month now.

I apologize for the inconvenience.
I will let the team solve your question today, thank you for your patience.

I have a request. Can you change your title. Or allow me to change your title for you? Thank you.

Feel free to change as long as my issue is resolved. Right now its not.

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Okay, thank you for your understanding.

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Hi @f3flight, excuse me, did we help you solve your issue? Thank you.


There has been some back & forth in the support email, some promises, but I’ve yet to get a resolution, so the answer is - not yet.

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I’ll check with Elena. Thank you

I’ve been promised 2 coupons, by end of week, its end of week and I only got one. Or does support tram work on weekends? I doubt it… So much for promises :man_shrugging:

Another one will be emailed to you in 10 minutes.


Thank you Matthew. I can confirm I got the second coupon. Will try to use them.

Now I don’t know why you work this way. I worked in customer support myself for several years, and we would not allow ourselves to be incompetent, or ignore customer’s updates, or keep customer waiting for many weeks. This is just unacceptable, people go away if they get that kind of support. Why does Pimax allow this to happen is beyond my understanding. Looks like you are understaffed AND at the same time Pimax hired people who are not proficient in international communication and do not keep themselves accountable for the tickets they reply in. I can only guess.

Thanks for getting this through to the end though. We can close this thread.