Hey everyone!

I’m having an issue with the audio output on my headset. The headphones work perfectly on the pc and iv’e changed the audio settings on the windows and i’m still not having any luck.
Do I have to install something to play audio? I thought it could just be the headset but i have 2 and neither of them output audio

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Hi Katie

Which headset did you receive? Backer or pre order?

Your headset Audio device will be listed as Usb

Hey, its a backer. any ideas what it could be?

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Okay Katie in steamvr settings under Audio check to be sure it’s showing Usb Audio device.

If that doesn’t work you might need to right click the speaker on the taskbar Audio devices & select usb audio device on playback devices.

@anon74848233 please add to earlybackers

none of those work :confused:

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Might need support.

Is the usb audio showing in settings?

@Doman.Chen @anon74848233 (Cancel fixed)

It works! but only on one headset, i think the other one is faulty. It was the steam settings which needed changing.

Thank you!

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Awesome glad it’s working enjoy.

In the Banner there us 5k 8k directory that has many helpful links.

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i’ll keep that in mind! thank you

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