(Solved) Need replacement cable for the 5k

So my Pimax 5k headset cable was attacked by a hungry cat, and thus I am in need of a new cable. Does anybody know where to buy these?

For reference, its just the long cable that needs replacement. The headset, and power supply work fine.

I checked the pimax website and didn’t see any spares for sale. I tried emailing na_support@pimaxvr. I got an automated rejection email saying they were down for maintenance. So, I am somewhat out of ideas.

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@PimaxUSA might be able to help you get this resolved. Being propietary you will need to contact pimax to get a replacement. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

First Kangaroos & now house cats. (I have a cat that was hard on cables; seems to be nicer now)


New cable otw, fully hand tested.