(SOLVED) Issues with my new 8KX. My hardware or software?

Hi I just yesterday got my 8KX and I have some issues with it.

  1. I seem not to be able to connect my own headphones as there is a high pitched sound in the background. It sounds a bit like a chainsaw from far away, but constant. Apart from that the sound seems to work.
    This only happens with my own headphones. The DMAS it came with and my own KDMAS in built sound work fine, but I like to use my own headphones that work fine on my 5K+

  2. There are white bars appearing vertically for like half a second. Weirdly it seems to be fine for half an hour and the next half hour it happens every 5-10 seconds. It’s like flickering bit only small parts of the screen in vertical bars.

  3. My connector where cable connects to the headset seems to get really hot.

Is my unit faulty? Or is this just some software bug I have not correctly troubleshooted? Does someone else have this issue? I have installed the newest software/Firmware from the website. Thanks

When using headphones You need to connect them to the left plug and then You need to power cycle the headset.

I had the same high pitched noise when switching from SMAS to my own headphones at first before rebooting the headset.

As far as I understand the DAC/Amp inside switches mode when it detects that only one plug is connected.

The headset connector might be a bit loosely connected so try to press it firmly inward.


It sounds like your headset might be overheating, but unfortunately, I don’t have a good fix for that. Are you in a fairly hot room? If so, you might want to increase the air-conditioning.

Is this a fact? This might explain so much.

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Can confirm what DrWilken wrote. I too hear that obnoxious sound when I use my headphones.
I then turn off the headset, unplug it and plug it back in, and the sound is gone.

Regarding the white bars, I’d try different usb ports. For some reason, the 8KX is VERY picky about them.
After trying all ports on my computer, I found 2 that worked. If I use any other ports, annoying white sparkles appear on screen. For me, it’s even important which cable goes in which port. If I switch cables between my 2 working usb ports, the sparkles reappear!


Awesome this really helped!

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Yes! I tired different USB ports today and it didn’t appear at all. I was wondering if it’s just the USB ports or if it’s just luck.

I do wonder does anyone of you also suddenly feel motion sick in this headset again? Idk if it’s just the lower fps as I’m used to 120FPS now but I feel like i have to train my VR legs all over again. Doing a lot of motion is suddenly more difficult again. Even when putting the headset to the experimental 90hz.

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So much of a fact that I’ve had it confirmed by a Pimax official… :wink:


probably the reason the kdmas is connected to the left side as well even though it looks like you could skip the adapter cable and just plug each side in.


maybe pimax should try to fix this . My initial impressions of the MAS was terrible… and this may have been one of the issues. I recently tried the MAS again and while it’s not stellar, its nowhere near as bad as it was initially.


I’m pretty sure it’s a “feature”.

I think it switches (output impedance) modes.

That would make sense as a common issue when not impedance matching output and input impedance leads to either tinny sound or lots of noise as far as I remember.

Generally input/headphone impedance should be at least 8 times higher than the output impedance of the DAC/amp.

The impedance of the SMAS drivers is about 7 ohms as far as I recall (very low), so using “normal” (generally higher impedance) would cause noise as is the case here.

Only having one side connected switches to a “high/normal output impedance mode” I think (on power cycle where it probably checks if only one or two sockets are in use).


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