(SOLVED) In some games i see image in vr splitted, separated

In some games i see image in vr pimax 5k+ splitted, separated, so is impossible to play, (for example in Helblade seuna’s sacrifice) anyone know something about this problem? some solutions?

Have you tried enabling Parallell Projection?

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Lol just replied to your other thread :grin:

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yes but nothing the images rest separated, is normal? someone else have this problem?

Yes I think it is normal. Believe after you switch on Parallel Projections you have to restart for it to kick in.


Thankyou again for all ^^ i solved also this problem, i have just one question that i dont know i which category is postable, i ask you here for now, i see the image of pimax 5k+ is like flat, i try to explain better, i cen percept less feeling of deepness then other vr, there is some kind of settings to improve deepness perception? i dont know how to explain good, but is like the image is not really really deep at the center, a little bit flat and maybe distorted, you can understand what i mean?

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If your using Pitool 121B or 129B try soft ipd offset. Starr witb -0.5 & +0.5 and see if it improves stereo effect.

ok thakyou, now i can feel a better deepness ^^ but still feel a little bit of distortion at the center of the screen, but i think is a lense problem right?

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Difficult to say. One thought is one eye might be a bit fuzzy than the other as a trade off for hi fov headset. For me both eyes seem to have even focus. But I might be within an ideal ipd & ipd symetry. Or my brain might have essier focus adaptation.

My ipd is 67.1 according to ipd ap. It’s whst i use. I get eyestrain when using soft ipd

hmm no, i see at the center of the lens, an effect like distorsion that make flat objects at the center a little bit deformed, like at the center there is an hollow, i dont know how to say but if i look expecially a flat surface, like a wall, i see like someone give a punch on the center of the wall and make a depression/hollow, and this make a general perception like fake

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Hmmm… Are ypu able to capture it in a pic through lens?

hmm no, i tryed but with my camera is impossible to see it, anyway i think is a distorsion by lenses, at the center is like image is a little bit pulled of, i dont feel disturbed about perimetral distorsions but at the center i dont like, i hope that is possible to resolve this problem