SOLVED: Help, my Msfs 2020 do not switch to vr any more

Please help, reacently I can not start VR in MSFS2020 any more. I use Pimax 8kx with openXR.
In a meanwhile I made update of OpenXR-Toolkit (v1.3.2), PimaxXR (v0.4.0) and game itself.
The game starts flat, and ctrl+tab does not work, same as my joystick buttons for starting VR, same as clicking with mouse on icon in game “start VR (ctrl+tab)” or in VR settings “start VR”. There is no error prompts, just I “feel” like clicking this freezes game for a moment, and then nothing.

PiTool (v1.0.1.270) starts normally, and my 8kx works for all other games, with OpenXR or OpenVR.

Any idea what to do?

PS: New try, and now I do not even see at bottom “press ctrl+tab foir swithch to VR”, but 8kx works + pitool.

PimaxXR 0.4.0 dropped support for Pitool. I removed a few workarounds that were needed for old Pitool versions and that were making the code unnecessarily complicated.

You can either upgrade to Pimax Client or downgrade to PimaxXR 0.3.4 (not recommended). Pitool 270 is what? 2.5 years old? I cannot keep supporting prehistoric software.

You may also have a shot if disabling the option “Reprojection Mode” in the VR settings of MSFS (set it to None).

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Hi mbucchia, thank you for your answer, that is what I needed. Of course I will not force old pitool any more, nor ask you to support it :slight_smile:
I was using it while newer pitools and pimax client were unreliable on my system. And slow.

thx again!

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As mentioned you can try disabling depth reprojection in MSFS. This might still work with 0.4.0 and Pitool.

Disabling reprojection didn´t work, finally I switched to older PimaxXR.

Pimax Client was not good option for me. I remember that often I needed to restart PC with Client, for leaving my HMD 2-3 minutes on the table. I can not afford that in DCS or IL-2 multiplayer, when usual sortie lasts 40min. Waiting for initial positioning lock was also extremely long.
Maybe if I buy Crystal… :slight_smile:
thx again mbucchia

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