(SOLVED)Frontal led costantly flashing light blue

Frontal led costantly flashing light blue, what are mean this? i tested vr also on my fathers pc and the led is normal, blue and dont flash, anyone can help me what are mean this flashing led?

Just means you have Parallel Projections switched on in Pitool :+1:

You need it for the for some games compatibility but not all. The power Led will be purple also.


oh ok thankyou, yes you are right now is stable blue, and what exactly do the parallel projection?


You are very welcome. It fixes the problem you have on the other thread eg in Hell blade with the double image. Believe you have to restart for it to kick in. Good luck.


At the top in the Banner Topic. Click on pitool downloads. There is a link there Getting started Faq

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You only need to restart SteamVR when changing it.

There’s a performance penalty when it’s enabled so what I do is put games that need it in a category called Parallel Projections in Steam and then I play either games that need it or games that don’t in each session… :wink: