[Solved]Backer #342 Pimax RMA #2 unit arrived. Screen flickering dots, another faulty unit!

@PimaxVR @Matthew.Xu @anon74848233, please see latest support ticket SUPEN-596

RMA unit #2 arrived after 4 weeks of chasing. First unit arrived on the 15/12/2018 and have bad light leakage on the top and bottom of screen. Eagerly await a replacement, but unfortunately the replacement unit also had fault. Fault #no.1 Screen is swamp with flickering dots.

#fault no2:
Light leakage on the far right side of right screen with Normal & large FOV option in Pitool. .95

Methods I have tried to resolve the problems by trying on another VR ready PC, restarting Pi service, disconnecting the HMD, rolling back Graphic card driver etc. Nothing seems to help.

My PC specs: Intel i7 8800K(overcloced to 4.8MhZ), Zotac 1080 Extreme AMP, 16gb 3000Mhz RAM, Windows10 Pro.


@Sean.Huang The replaced headset still has a fault, please contact the backer. Thank you


Try re-seating the cable in the HMD (pull out half way and push in firmly), if that doesn’t work I would swap the cable with your other HMD.


How do I do that? The HMD cable is removable?

you have to remove the entire plasticpart where your face pad is attached to. only then you can unplug the HMD cable.


Omfg! I love the Pimax community!!! I follow @spamenigma and @McErono advise. Got everything sorted!

First I try to re-seat the cable but that didn’t work. Then I remove the entire cable and replace with the old cable and bingo! It solved the problem! LOVE YOU ALL!

@Matthew.Xu, please take note, tell the QC team to check the cables before sending the units out.


And did you need to remove the entire plasticpart where your face pad is attached to?.so that you can unplug the HMD cable?

I think I can close that ticket SUPEN-596 because it was solved.Cheers!

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I didn’t remove the whole plastic part. Just the top bit and bend it down, enough space to unplug the cable.


Yea, that’s what I do, can just about get it past the plastic with a bit of manipulation.

Great news that it’s worked!! :slight_smile:

Is the cable proprietary to Pimax? Or can I buy it on amazon, new egg, etc?

If you have the same issue as me, why not just ask Pimax to send you just the cable, probably much faster than sending the whole HMD.


proprietary :sleepy:

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It’s simple to disconnect the cable, just a little bit of force.


that cable is custom for sure right?

I think so. 20202020

Thank you very much for your reminder, I will tell them.