Solution for the "Nose Blackout"

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i wasnt able to contact the dev team in any other way. so i try it here.

every current VR user encounters that problem: if you keep your head stationary and look to the left for example, the right eye will see the “wall” that seperates left and right screens, the immersion breaks, the 3D effect is gone since only the left eye actually looks at a display. i dont know how the Pimax will handle this, but if it suffers from that in any way, i would have a solution which shouldnt be to hard to implement. It would require a minor hardware modification and a little bit of software. so if an official dev could contact me i could present him my solution for that, IF and oly IF the pimax could run into that problem. if it doesnt have to deal with that issue - fine :slight_smile:

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Why not outline your solution to the rest of this forum as well? Sounds interesting enough.


I found this problem in starvr and disappointed. I hope I will not found this problem in PIMAX 8K (I have ever understand that this issues is up to the IPD).

if you keep your head stationary and look to the left for example, the right eye will see the “wall” that seperates left and right screens, the immersion breaks, the 3D effect is gone since only the left eye actually looks at a display.

the same thing happens in real life… hold your head still and look to the left, the right eye will see a “wall” too. it’s called; your nose. :°)


sure thing :slight_smile:
i know that, and there is nothing we can do about that (exept for plastic surgery)
i mean the walls that seperate left and right display ^^

After many months with a vive, modified so I can cram my face as deep into it as possible so as to gain as much FOV as possible, I’ve never noticed that. So I just now put on the HMD to see if I can see what your talking about and I have to say yes, there is just a tiny bit less FOV than would normally be blocked by my nose. But it’s not much and i never noticed it before. And i wouldn’t call it a “wall that separates left and right screens.” In my HMD it’s like the limit of the lens. (Actually my prescription add-on piece.) Regardless, at this late date I’d bet there’s not much chance of Pimax altering their physical design unless it’s a pretty simple fix. But who knows, it can’t hurt to suggest. I too would like to hear/see what your fix is.

(All that said, the effect I do see might be worse if my face wasn’t as deep into my HMD as it is.)

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In the vive, there’s not much reason to look all the way to the left or right. I’m also not anticipating doing this a whole lot in the Pimax either.

Unless the problem presents itself in such a way that just looking a bit to the left or right makes the “wall” really stand out, I won’t care. However, so far, I’ve not seen ANYBODY complaining about this being a problem, so I’d be shocked if this comes up now.

I think he’s talking about getting your virtual nose out of the way. And I’ve said this too. It’s a great idea, you’d get more binocular overlap. Not easy to accomplish. I wondered if little micro projectors on each side of the nose. Lol. I don’t know.

If I’m understanding correctly you guys are talking about removing a virtual nose from the experience.
This would be a bad idea, having a nose helps reduce VR sickness. You need a nose as a point of reference to help navigate terrain. It is especially important in a virtual landscape as you don’t have anywhere close to the visual detail that real life provides.

If anything we should be allowed to customize a nose in VR that won’t be too noticeable; one that matches our RL nose.

Yes I know the article is from 2015…

Here is an abstract with some Developer tips for reducing VR sickness too. They mention adding a nose here too, and explain why it works.
Virtual Reality User Experience Tips from VRMonkey

That’s good and all but many don’t suffer vr sickness, and no nose blackout means more binocular overlap and depth cues. By the way your hands in game give you a depth reference point, as well as stereoscopic view in general being a great reference point for spatial reasoning. I believe removing my nose in game would add prescience by adding more visual binocular overlap and depth to your direct line of vision.

I personally would want to be given the ability to modify the nose to be as big or small as you like, change the color, or even hide it.

The writer of the abstract even states that it isn’t always needed.

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Aside from a extremely curved screen, or a micro projector projecting beyond the nose view, how else could one make it invisible in vr?
I think experience would be wonderful, being able to see more I pin 3d.

Pimax use angular display and that make this issue even harder to solve. it’s one of the reason with FOV for why they try to keep your eyes extremely close to the lense compared to the other devices.

Actually angular displays make it easier. In fact I just realized this problem could be solved by placing mirrors on each side of the nose

That seems like it would cause a lot of weird reflections and make the gap WAY more obvious.

I’m sorry I thought it would be obvious that the lens would have to be modified.