(SOLD) Selling Pledge Pimax 8K Full Package

I’m selling my pledge for the complete package of the Pimax 8k and all the stretch goals

The payment must be made by paypal friends & family, because I don’t want to be responsible for the Pimax delivery or warranty

I’m selling my account kickstarter, so after the payment you can edit the shipping address and contact Pimax for the confirmation of the change.

I may be very interested, have you ordered thumbsticks as the controllers?

I ordered Thumbstick

what is your backer number?

would you accept half up front, then the other half after I have recieved the kickstarter package, I think this is how people have done it before.

Backer number 2853. Sorry but I prefer all the payment in advance… because after that I will give you the kickstarter account I cannot make anything to have the rest of the payment and protect myself. But you could make a chargeback to protect yourself and have your money back.

You are requesting payment for the transfer of the pledge. By going for the payment for goods, you aren’t responsible for Pimax delivery. By going through friends and family with a stranger, you make it seem like a scam and a hoax.

Paypal business doesn’t allow transaction of this nature, so the buyer could open a paypal dispute and have the money back. To protect myself I should have proof of delivery or something like this

Since I am selling my pledge as well (see separate thread) I have investigated the PayPal payment options.
I decided against PayPal completely, because as a seller you are unprotected in any case:

  • normal PayPal with fees: You have no proof of sending out a package, so buyer can charge you back.
  • PayPal Friends&Family: There is no buyer protection, but also no seller protection, so when PayPal charges you back for whatever reason, there is nothing you can do.

could always use eBay like another seller did, Still think the half now, half afterward have the product policy is good, at least some motivation on both parties, and the buyer takes the first risk.

I see that paypal now allow transaction of digital goods by digital delivery, so also with transactions like this one there will be the seller protection

Yesterday I had 7 persons interested in buying my pledge that wanted to pay by paypal, but after I said that now paypal covers also transaction like this one and that will be protected also the seller from buyers fraud, all the buyers are disappeared, I think that it is very strange :unamused:

All waiting to see what the starvr is like now and availability etc
notice that posts on here are also much fewer
Pimax are taking too long with these HMD’s

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yes but you wont do paypal, only paypal via ebay jacking up the price, or paypal f&f with low protection, just do paypal on its own, seems to be what everyone else is doing, or maybe drop ebay price.

I did not refer to you specifically in my message. It was you that suggest me to sell it by eBay, don’t you remember? and as you know the ebay fees are 10%, and you said me, if I have understood correctly, that you would pay the fees… so I did not jacking up the price, the price is always the same plus the fees

I think the safest trade transaction should go through Pimax with Pimax cooperation.

Seller send email from their Kickstart’s email to Pimax: I want to sell my device, I have a buyer and his email is…
Buyer send an email that he want to buy from this seller and this email is …

Pimax send an email to seller to confirm that they want to sell the device. After that, Pimax ask buyer to send in the total amount to cover the seller’s device along with the buyer’s address. After receiving the fund, Pimax change seller’s address to buyer and its email and proceed to refund the seller to their credit card. That’s the safest transaction.

that would be pretty cool, but I don’t see them supporting this due to workload.

Yes, sounds unrealistic… why should they do that?

I dont see how there is any safe way to buy an undelivered kickstarter pledge. Paypal totally doesnt cover that either way with their protection, you aren’t selling a digital good.

I think that the best solution to sell the pledge and to protect seller and buyer is not to sell the entire kickstarter account, but the best solution would be:

The seller after payment received change the shipping address, so in this case, the seller will be the owner of the account and Pimax will communicate to him about the confirmation of the shipment and, in this case, the seller would have the proof of the shipment and delivery to the address of the buyer in case of a paypal dispute

But, of course, also the buyer will be protected as well because paypal allows to open a paypal dispute within 180 days(6 months) so, if the Pimax 8K will not be shipped to him within 6 months, the buyer could open a paypal dispute and have the money back.

are you seriously going to take responsibility for pimax works?! a pledge should be selling “as is” as “what you have”, and in fact you owns a promise but not the final product.