SOLD Selling headsets only 8k Pledge 4723

Hi! I have decided to sell my 8k headset pledge. Pledge number is 4723.

Asking for a price of 900$ (Price is negotiable) as this is the pre order price of the 8k on Pimax store. But with being a backer you will also get all the benefits that comes with being a backer and all the extra stuff.

I’m able to sell my entire Kickstarter account as it only contains the Pimax pledge if that is the best way of doing this. Of course we will speak with Pimax as well so the transfer & editing of shipping details etc goes smoothly :slight_smile:

Payment preferably through PayPal.
If we get any fees on the transfer we can split the cost :slight_smile:

PM me if you are interested or write your email below

Im interested. Email me at…